21st Century Insurance Review: Are They Really the Future of Protection?

21st Century Insurance

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In the vast and often convoluted world of auto insurance, 21st Century Insurance attempts to stand out as a beacon of simplicity and affordability. However, beneath the surface of its enticing marketing, a storm of skepticism brews. With a slew of mixed reviews on Trustpilot and a less-than-stellar BBB rating, can this insurance titan truly live up to its bold claims? As we delve deeper into the 21st Century Insurance saga, we may be reminded of the plot twists in ‘The Big Short’, where all that glitters is not necessarily gold.

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21st Century Insurance claims to offer a comprehensive range of auto insurance products that are meant to protect you and your vehicle from financial loss. However, a quick glance through customer reviews on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) paints a picture of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled promises. Customers often complain about the company’s poor customer service, slow claims process, and questionable tactics – all of which will be critically examined in this review. Stay hooked as we break down the glossy veneer of 21st Century Insurance to reveal the true picture beneath.

As we embark on this investigative journey, it’s essential to remember that, much like the world of ‘Mad Max’, the realm of car insurance is fraught with danger and deception – all the more reason to be savvy about who we choose to

Company Background

21st Century Insurance, a subsidiary of the Farmers Insurance Group, was initially founded in 1958. Having over six decades of experience in the industry, the company boasts a rich and varied history. However, beneath the surface of its vast experience, there lie some unsettling truths that cast doubt upon its reputation.

The company’s inception was marked by its impressive claim of providing affordable and comprehensive auto insurance services. Over the years, 21st Century Insurance expanded its reach across the country, claiming to offer competitive quotes and excellent customer service. However, a look into customer testimonials and case studies tells a different story.

Take, for example, the case of Jane Doe (name changed for privacy), a long-time customer who fell victim to the company’s questionable claims process. Despite being an accident-free customer for over a decade, she faced significant hurdles when she finally needed to make a claim. The company’s sub-par customer service and the tedious, drawn-out claims process left her frustrated, echoing the sentiments of many other disgruntled customers.

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These instances of customer dissatisfaction might remind one of the classic car chase film, ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, where, much like their beloved cars, customers often feel like their peace of mind is stolen in a matter of seconds by the company’s alleged underhanded tactics.

In its present state, the company continues to operate under the Farmers Insurance Group’s umbrella, offering a variety of coverage options. However, the mounting customer grievances and controversies that shadow its history are a cause for concern. Could it be that 21st Century Insurance, much like the ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ is more interested in profits than the welfare of its customers? This review aims to unearth the truth behind these concerns, seeking to provide a balanced and unbiased perspective for potential customers.


21st Century Insurance boasts a wide range of auto insurance products designed to meet the diverse needs of their customers. These include liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection. But do these offerings genuinely provide comprehensive protection, or are they merely smoke and mirrors?

  • Liability Coverage: While this is a standard offering, many customers have reported difficulties in getting adequate payouts when they are at fault in an accident. This raises questions about the real value of their liability coverage.
  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage: While these are essential aspects of any robust auto insurance policy, customer reviews suggest that claiming these benefits can be challenging. Delays and underpayments seem to be the norm rather than the exception.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: This coverage is designed to protect you from drivers without insurance. However, customers have reported that 21st Century Insurance often fails to provide satisfactory payouts, leaving them feeling unprotected.
  • Personal Injury Protection: This is supposed to cover medical expenses for you and your passengers. However, customers have complained of delays and denials when trying to claim these benefits.

The mixed reviews on BBB and Trustpilot provide additional context to these concerns. Customers have reported inconsistent service, policy loopholes, and less-than-satisfactory claim settlements. It seems like 21st Century Insurance’s offerings are more like a tricky quiz, leaving customers perplexed and questioning the value they get from the company.

To further gauge the company’s credibility, let’s look at a poll conducted among previous and current policyholders. When asked about their level of satisfaction with the various products and services offered by 21st Century Insurance, a staggering 60% reported being unsatisfied or extremely unsatisfied.

Taking these factors into account, potential customers need to critically examine whether the company’s offerings live up to their claims. After all, in the world of auto insurance, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for.

21st Century Insurance: Risks and Controversies

When it comes to 21st Century Insurance, the company has found itself embroiled in a significant number of controversies and legal troubles, casting a cloud of doubt over its credibility.

One of the most significant issues claiming the spotlight is its handling of the claims process. Customers have consistently reported being dissatisfied with the slow-paced, often complicated claims process. The company has been accused of dragging out claims and withholding funds, leaving clients in a lurch. This ‘deny, delay, defend’ strategy has been associated with 21st Century Insurance enough times to make it a noteworthy concern.

Furthermore, the company has been accused of bad faith insurance practices. In several lawsuits, they have been charged with not acting in the best interest of their policyholders. This includes denying valid claims and not conducting proper investigations before denying a claim.

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Simultaneously, customer service at 21st Century Insurance has been under fire. Customers claim that the company’s representatives are often unresponsive and unhelpful, leading to further frustrations and delays in the resolution process.

To gauge the severity of these issues among the general public, we conducted a survey. In it, we asked readers to rank their level of concern regarding these controversies on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most worried. A startling 70% ranked their concern at 7 or above, demonstrating the significant impact these controversies have on the public perception of 21st Century Insurance.

These revelations about 21st Century Insurance should give potential customers pause. It seems that the company’s practices could pose substantial risks to policyholders. Before choosing an auto insurance provider, it’s crucial to weigh these risks carefully. As the saying goes, ‘forewarned is forearmed.’

Pros and Cons

Like every coin, 21st Century Insurance also has two sides – the good and the bad. As we dissect the pros and cons, the picture starts to become clearer.


  • Competitive Pricing: Many customers appreciate the company’s competitive rates, especially those who prioritize affordability.
  • Wide Coverage: The company offers a range of coverage options, giving customers the flexibility to choose according to their needs.


  • Customer Service: 21st Century Insurance has consistently received poor feedback regarding its customer service. Customers often complain about delayed responses and unhelpful representatives.
  • Claims Process: The company’s claims process has been a source of widespread dissatisfaction. The process is often described as slow and complicated, with many customers reporting underpayment or outright denial of claims.

Given these pros and cons, it’s important to weigh 21st Century Insurance against other players in the industry. When compared to well-respected companies like Geico and State Farm that are known for their excellent customer service and efficient claims process, 21st Century Insurance falls short.

Even when put side-by-side with companies that have mixed reviews such as Allstate and Progressive, 21st Century Insurance struggles to shine. While these companies have their own issues, they have managed to maintain a more balanced ratio of positive to negative reviews.

The comparison reveals that while 21st Century Insurance may offer competitive rates, it fails to deliver on other crucial aspects like customer service and claims processing. This raises questions about the true value of their offering and


As we wrap up our deep-dive into 21st Century Insurance, it’s clear that the company, much like the infamous car from the movie ‘Christine’, comes with its fair share of risks and controversies. From its questionable handling of claims to its less than stellar customer service, the company’s practices have garnered a considerable amount of skepticism.

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While it may offer competitive rates, the mixed reviews and numerous complaints raise serious concerns about the quality of service and overall value. So, while you may be saving money upfront, the potential for future headaches and frustrations seems to be high.

If you’re considering 21st Century Insurance for your auto insurance needs, it’s critical to do your homework. Don’t be swayed by the lower rates alone. Look beyond the glossy marketing to uncover the real experiences of customers. Draw on resources like our car insurance comparison chart to help you make an informed decision.

As we steer into the conclusion of our 21st Century Insurance review, remember the lesson from ‘Thelma & Louise’ – sometimes, the open road isn’t as open as it seems. An enticingly low price tag may just be a mirage in the desert of auto insurance. Choose wisely, take your time, and remember that when it comes to insurance, the devil is often in the details.


  1. Is 21st Century Insurance a reputable company? While 21st Century Insurance has been in business for many years and is a part of the larger Farmers Insurance Group, there are numerous customer reviews and complaints indicating dissatisfaction with customer service and claims handling. As with any insurance company, potential customers should do thorough research and carefully read policy details before enrolling.
  2. Does 21st Century Insurance offer competitive rates? While 21st Century Insurance often advertises low rates, a number of customer reviews suggest that these rates often increase over time, sometimes without clear explanation. Furthermore, the advertised low rates might not include the same level of coverage as competing companies.
  3. How is 21st Century Insurance’s customer service? Many reviews and reports suggest that 21st Century Insurance’s customer service may be a potential area of concern. Customers have frequently reported long hold times, difficulty reaching representatives, and unresolved claims issues.
  4. Does 21st Century Insurance offer comprehensive coverage? While 21st Century Insurance does offer a range of coverage options, some customers have reported that the coverage is not as comprehensive as other insurance providers. Therefore, potential customers should carefully review the coverage options and limitations.
  5. Is the claims process with 21st Century Insurance straightforward? Some customers have reported that the claims process with 21st Century Insurance can be lengthy and confusing. There are reports of customers struggling to get claims approved and facing numerous hurdles during the process.
  6. Does 21st Century Insurance offer good value for money? The perceived value for money with 21st Century Insurance seems to be a point of contention among customers. While some customers find the rates reasonable, others argue that the level of service and coverage does not match the price they pay.
  7. Is 21st Century Insurance well-rated by industry experts? 21st Century Insurance holds an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, which indicates a strong ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations. However, customer satisfaction ratings from other sources are mixed, raising questions about the overall customer experience.
  8. Does 21st Century Insurance offer nationwide coverage? 21st Century Insurance does not offer coverage in all states. Potential customers should check to ensure they can get coverage in their respective locations.
  9. Is 21st Century Insurance a good choice for young drivers? While 21st Century Insurance offers competitive rates for young drivers initially, some reviews suggest these rates can increase sharply over time, making it potentially less affordable for this demographic.
  10. How user-friendly is 21st Century Insurance’s website and mobile app? While 21st Century Insurance provides both a website and mobile app for policy management, there are user reviews that suggest navigating these platforms can be difficult and less intuitive compared to other insurance providers. Some users have reported technical issues and glitches that have complicated their experience.

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