American Modern Review: Is It Really as Reliable as It Claims?

American Modern Review: Is It Really as Reliable as It Claims? 1

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American Modern, an auto insurance company, has recently found itself in the eye of the storm. The car insurance industry, already rife with skepticism and controversy, has been shaken up by allegations and complaints lodged against the company. With a narrative that seems to be less about protecting the consumer and more about a tangled web of deceit, American Modern’s story is reminiscent of a scandalous drama series. Reviews from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot paint a rather bleak picture of the company, setting the stage for a critical review. Are these allegations and complaints legitimate, or is this just another case of a misunderstood business? We’re here to get to the bottom of the American Modern saga. Stay tuned as we unfold the truth behind the curtain of car insurance.

Company Background

American Modern

American Modern, a company that began its journey in 1965, has since then developed into a major player in the car insurance industry. Its humble beginnings in Cincinnati, Ohio, rapidly transformed into an entity with a nationwide reach. However, the company’s growth trajectory has not been without hiccups. The past years have seen it being increasingly questioned for its practices.

Similar to the plot of the classic movie “Gone in 60 Seconds“, some customers allege that their peace of mind disappeared almost as quickly as they signed up with American Modern. Numerous real-life testimonies and case studies question the company’s claims and practices, fuelling the skepticism around it.

American Modern Review: Is It Really as Reliable as It Claims? 2

For instance, a customer from Georgia claimed that, after a minor accident, the company was unresponsive and failed to provide the support needed during the car repair process. Another customer from Florida shared their frustration over the company’s supposed arbitrary policy cancellations.

These stories, and many more, cast a shadow over American Modern’s reputation, causing one to wonder if they are simply a memorable character from a blockbusting thriller, or a lesser-known supporting actor failing to meet expectations.

As we dig deeper into the company’s history and current status, it’s essential to remember that just like in “Mad Max: Fury Road”, where the characters fight against a dystopian future, consumers’ battles against unfulfilled insurance claims are equally real and demanding.


American Modern Review: Is It Really as Reliable as It Claims? 3
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A critical look into American Modern’s car insurance products and services paints a rather murky picture. The company offers an extensive range of car insurance products, from classic cars to recreational vehicles and everything in between. They also provide additional coverages such as roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, and full glass coverage.

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However, beneath this seemingly impressive facade, a different story unravels. It’s like the plot twist in “The Sixth Sense” – what you see is not always what you get. Let’s critically examine some of these services:

  1. Classic Car Insurance: American Modern advertises their classic car insurance as one of the best in the market. But when we turn to Trustpilot and BBB reviews, customers seem to disagree. Complaints range from incredibly high premiums to lackluster coverage and poor customer service.
  2. Roadside Assistance: The company promises 24/7 assistance, but customer reviews suggest otherwise, with several users complaining about long wait times and unprofessional service.
  3. Full Glass Coverage: This service claims to repair or replace damaged safety glasses without any deductible. Yet, some customers report surprise charges and a lack of transparency in this service.

In conclusion, American Modern’s claims about their car insurance products seem less “Fast and Furious” and more “Gone in 60 Seconds.” As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold.” It’s essential to look beyond the enticing advertisements and delve into the actual experiences of the customers.

Risks and Controversies

American Modern Review: Is It Really as Reliable as It Claims? 4
Photo Credit: Medallion Media Group

On the surface, American Modern may seem like a competent and reliable car insurance provider. However, it’s not all smooth sailing, as certain risks and controversies have been associated with the company. These concerns have created an atmosphere of skepticism and doubt, reminiscent of the chilling atmosphere in the movie “The Sixth Sense.”

The most prominent risk associated with American Modern is their apparent lack of customer support. Numerous customers have reported experiencing difficulties when attempting to make claims or seeking assistance for their problems. This lack of support not only complicates the claims process but also delays the resolution of issues, leaving clients frustrated and dissatisfied.

Moreover, American Modern has faced several lawsuits over the years, most notably for allegedly refusing to pay out legitimate claims and for its supposed arbitrary policy cancellations. These controversies have led to a decline in the company’s reputation and have raised questions about its reliability and credibility.

Perhaps the most alarming controversy, however, is the number of complaints lodged against the company. Many customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the company on various review platforms, including the BBB and Trustpilot, citing issues such as inadequate coverage, high premiums, and poor customer service.

In conclusion, with the risks and controversies that plague American Modern, it is essential to be cautious when considering this company for your car insurance needs. While its services might initially appear appealing, the potential pitfalls could end up costing you dearly. As in the thriller movie “Psycho,” things aren’t always what they seem. Be alert and be informed.

American Modern Pros and Cons

To fully comprehend the credibility of American Modern’s insurance service, it is pertinent to assess both its merits and drawbacks. Like in the movie “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, no entity is without its share of positives and negatives. Let’s deconstruct these aspects, using customer feedback and industry analysis.


  1. Tailored Coverages: American Modern’s specialized coverages for classic and collector cars are appreciated by enthusiasts who often find it hard to secure apt coverage from regular insurance providers.
  2. Wide Range of Options: Their array of insurance products for different vehicle types is another advantage. This provides consumers with a variety of options to choose from, based on their specific needs.

However, when weighed against industry standards established by reputed companies like Geico and State Farm, these advantages may not seem as significant. Both Geico and State Farm not only offer a wide range of coverage options but also excel in providing quality customer service and prompt claim settlements.


  1. Customer Service: The primary complaint against American Modern relates to its customer service. Many customers report unresponsiveness, delays, and lack of assistance when it comes to claims and general inquiries.
  2. High Premiums: Many policyholders have criticized American Modern for charging higher premiums compared to other insurance providers.
  3. Claim Denials: Some customers claim that American Modern has denied their claims without adequate justification.

Even when compared to companies with mixed reviews like Progressive and Allstate, American Modern’s issues appear more severe. Although Allstate and Progressive have had their share of customer complaints, the number and severity of issues reported with American Modern seem to outweigh those.

In conclusion, while American Modern does present certain perks with its specialized coverage options, the multitude of complaints and issues seem to overshadow them. As we navigate this labyrinth of insurance options, much like the one in the movie “Maze Runner”, it’s essential to tread carefully and make well-informed decisions.


Just like the plot of a fast-paced thriller, our exploration into the world of American Modern has been filled with highs and lows, surprises and disappointments. We’ve presented a snapshot of the company’s offerings and raised important questions regarding its reliability, service quality, customer support, and overall business practices.

From the analysis, it is evident that there are valid concerns about American Modern’s practices. The company’s customer service issues, high premiums, and claim denials are red flags for any potential or existing customer. While it does offer specialized coverage options, these do not seem to outweigh the glaring issues that have been highlighted.

We encourage you to use our car insurance comparison chart to explore alternative car insurance providers who might offer better service and value for your money. As seen in the movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, even the most beautiful facade can hide a myriad of issues. Always remember that the key to choosing the right car insurance lies in thorough research and due diligence.

To wrap up with a pop culture reference, don’t let your car insurance experience be like a suspenseful episode of “Breaking Bad”, full of uncertainty and stress. Instead, aim for an experience like watching “Friends” – comfortable, reliable, and with plenty of laughter along the way.


  1. What is American Modern and what services do they offer? American Modern is an insurance company that provides specialized insurance for homes, recreational vehicles, and more. They also offer a range of financial solutions. However, consumers should be aware that the coverage provided may not meet everyone’s needs and it’s important to understand the specifics of any policy before making a decision.
  2. How reliable is American Modern’s customer service? Based on numerous customer reviews, American Modern’s customer service seems to be inconsistent. While some report a positive experience, others have complained about lack of communication, slow response times, and difficulties in processing claims.
  3. How flexible are American Modern’s coverage options? While American Modern claims to offer a wide range of coverage options, some customers report that their policies can be somewhat restrictive and that there is a lack of customization options. Therefore, it’s advisable to scrutinize the specifics of any policy before signing up.
  4. What is the claim process like with American Modern? The claim process with American Modern Insurance Group is often described as time-consuming and complex. Some customers report delays and lack of communication throughout the process, which can be distressing in times of crisis.
  5. How reasonable are American Modern’s premiums? While initially a draw for many, American Modern’s premiums have proven to be inconsistent for some customers, with reports of sudden increases without prior notification. This could be problematic for those on a tight budget.
  6. Is American Modern transparent with its policies and procedures? Reviews suggest that American Modern could do more to improve their transparency. Customers have reported hidden fees and changes to their policies that were not clearly communicated.
  7. How well does American Modern handle their financial responsibility? There are concerns about American Modern’s financial stability, as they have received only an ‘A+’ from A.M. Best. While this is still considered a good rating, those looking for a company with the highest possible financial strength rating may wish to consider alternatives.
  8. Is American Modern a nationwide provider? While American Modern Insurance Company operates in all 50 states, coverage options and customer service quality may vary by location. Therefore, potential customers should carefully research the offerings in their specific area.
  9. Does American Modern provide comprehensive coverage for all types of homes? While American Modern claims to offer insurance for all types of homes, some customers have reported that they have faced difficulties when insuring older or non-traditional homes. This suggests that the company’s coverage may not be as comprehensive as it appears.
  10. How user-friendly is American Modern’s website and online services? Some users have reported difficulties with American Modern’s website, including issues with navigation and making payments. This could cause potential inconveniences for those who prefer handling their policies online

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