Electric Insurance Company Review: Uncovering the Reality Behind their Claims

Electric Insurance Company Review: Uncovering the Reality Behind their Claims 1

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Welcome to the boiling pot of the car insurance industry, where skepticism and consumer caution run high. One player that stands out amidst the hubbub is the Electric Insurance Company (EIC). Offering a slew of auto insurance products, EIC markets itself as the perfect solution to all your vehicular protection needs at affordable rates. Yet, with a B- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a slew of mixed reviews on Trustpilot, it raises the question – is EIC as electrifying as it claims to be? Or is it just another disappointing spark in the car insurance industry? Drawing from the recent controversies surrounding misleading insurance practices, it’s high time we put EIC under the microscope.

EIC has positioned itself as a wallet-friendly alternative to other insurance giants, promising comprehensive coverage without breaking the bank. However, customer testimonials tell a different story of premium hikes and unresponsive customer service. These conflicting narratives harken back to the 2019 movie, “The Laundromat,” where insurance fraud was at the heart of the storyline. Are EIC’s clients falling prey to a similar situation? This review aims to uncover the truth.

Electric Insurance Company Review: Uncovering the Reality Behind their Claims 2

Company Background

Electric Insurance Company

Electric Insurance Company (EIC) was established in 1966, initially catering to the insurance needs of General Electric (GE) employees. Over the decades, it has expanded its reach to the general public, offering a wide range of insurance products. However, amid its impressive growth trajectory, there lie instances that paint a less rosy picture.

Customer testimonials unearth stories that somewhat echo the plot of the 2000 film “Pay It Forward”. In the movie, good deeds are supposed to lead to other good deeds, but in EIC’s case, customers report that their loyalty didn’t result in expected rewards. Instead, they allege unexpected premium hikes and unresolved claims, raising serious questions about the company’s practices.

Additionally, the fact that EIC is not as widely recognized as other industry players like Allstate or Geico, despite being in the market for over 50 years, casts a shadow of doubt over their effectiveness. It’s akin to a movie that’s been out for a while, but you’ve never heard about until now – it might be a hidden gem, or there might be a reason it’s been flying under the radar.

While EIC’s history and growth might seem noteworthy, a careful examination of customer experiences suggests a different narrative. The company’s practices have come under scrutiny, leading potential customers to question whether the company’s claims are too good to be true.


Electric Insurance Company Review: Uncovering the Reality Behind their Claims 3
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Electric Insurance Company (EIC) offers a range of auto insurance products designed to cater to different customer needs. These include comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage, among others. They also have various add-ons like roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. However, a more in-depth look raises some concerning questions about their offerings.

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Online polls and quizzes targeting EIC’s claims show a divergence between the company’s promises and customer experiences. For instance, despite boasting about swift and hassle-free claim processing, many customers on BBB and Trustpilot have reported unresponsiveness and delays in claim settlements.

Moreover, while EIC offers a variety of coverage options, several reviews highlight a lack of transparency in their policies. Customers have cited unexpected exclusions and confusing terms and conditions, which have resulted in dissatisfaction and trust issues.

Additionally, the promised “affordable premiums” seem to be a point of contention. Customer testimonials suggest sudden and unexplained increases in premium rates, which starkly contradicts EIC’s claims of being a cost-effective solution.

In conclusion, while EIC offers a robust lineup of insurance products, the reality seems to be more complicated than what is advertised. The discrepancies between the company’s promises and the actual customer experience warrant a cautious approach when considering EIC for car insurance.

Risks and Controversies

Electric Insurance Company Review: Uncovering the Reality Behind their Claims 4
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Electric Insurance Company (EIC)’s voyage through the insurance industry has not been smooth sailing. Amidst the waves of praise are tales of dissatisfaction, revealing a darker side to the company.

  • One of the main risks associated with EIC is its customer service. Many customers have filed complaints about the company’s unresponsiveness and delays when handling claims. An interactive survey of EIC users found that a significant proportion felt disappointed with the company’s handling of their issues, underscoring the need for caution.
  • Another consistent critique has been the company’s handling of premiums. Despite advertising affordable rates, many customers report experiencing sudden and unexplained increases in premium costs. Such inconsistencies raise questions about EIC’s transparency and reliability.
  • Moreover, EIC has faced a number of lawsuits over the years. These legal actions have largely stemmed from disputes over claim handling, further validating customer complaints and casting a shadow over the company’s credibility.
  • Furthermore, EIC’s reputation has been marred by several BBB complaints and a B- rating, reflecting customer dissatisfaction and raising red flags for potential customers. Trustpilot reviews offer a similar narrative, with mixed customer feedback highlighting EIC’s inconsistencies.

Overall, EIC’s track record is riddled with complaints, legal issues, and customer dissatisfaction. While it promises comprehensive coverage at affordable rates, the reality appears to be a far cry from the claims, urging potential clients to approach EIC with a healthy dose of skepticism. As with any financial commitment, it’s essential to do thorough research and make informed decisions.

Electric Insurance Company Pros and Cons

When considering Electric Insurance Company (EIC), it’s crucial to weigh the upsides against the downsides. Diving into customer feedback and industry analysis gives us a balanced view of the company’s standing.


  • Variety of Coverage Options: EIC offers a broad spectrum of coverage, including collision, comprehensive, liability insurance, and more. This allows customers to customize their policies based on their needs and budget.
  • Initially Low Premiums: Many customers have commended EIC for its relatively low initial premiums. This could be a significant advantage for budget-conscious consumers looking for cost-effective insurance solutions.


  • Claim Handling Issues: A recurring theme from customer testimonials is dissatisfaction with EIC’s claim handling process. Reports of slow responses, lack of communication, and overall inefficiency significantly tarnish the company’s reputation.
  • Unexpected Premium Increases: Customers have also reported unexpected hikes in their premium rates without clear explanation, casting a shadow of doubt over EIC’s affordability claims.
  • Customer Service: EIC’s customer service has come under fire for being unresponsive and unhelpful, with several customers expressing frustration over this issue.

When comparing EIC with established companies such as State Farm and Geico, EIC’s shortcomings become more apparent. Both State Farm and Geico are known for their reliable customer service and transparent policies, areas where EIC seems to fall short. Conversely, EIC shares some parallels with companies like Allstate and Liberty Mutual, both of which have also received mixed reviews regarding customer service and claim handling.

In conclusion, while EIC has some benefits, the disadvantages reported by users seem to outweigh these perks. This makes it essential for potential customers to approach EIC with caution, considering other options before making a decision.


We embarked on this review to critically analyze the Electric Insurance Company (EIC), and the journey has been nothing short of eye-opening. Like the chaotic car chase scenes in Mad Max, EIC’s journey in the insurance industry is marked with impressive high points and disappointing lows.

While the company promises comprehensive coverage at competitive rates, the reality, as told by many customers, appears to be a far cry from these claims. Issues like unresponsiveness, delayed claims handling, unexpected premium hikes, and questionable customer service practices have painted a less than flattering picture of the company.

When compared to industry giants such as Geico and Progressive, EIC’s services fall short, especially in terms of customer service quality and transparency. Moreover, the similarities it shares with companies known for mixed reviews like Allstate and Liberty Mutual do not help its cause.

As Dominic Toretto from Fast and Furious would say, “It doesn’t matter whether you win by an inch or a mile; winning’s winning.” But in the world of car insurance, it’s not just about winning; it’s about winning the trust of customers. As it stands, EIC seems to be trailing in this crucial race.

Electric Insurance Company Review: Uncovering the Reality Behind their Claims 5

So, before you choose your insurance provider, we strongly recommend taking a detour to our car insurance comparison chart. Making an informed decision can help you avoid any “crash and burn” scenarios in your insurance journey. Don’t forget, research is your best co-driver on this road.


1. How reliable is Electric Insurance Company? While Electric Insurance Company has been in business for many years, there have been instances of customer dissatisfaction. Some customers have raised concerns about the reliability of their claims processing and customer service.

2. What is Electric Insurance Company’s financial strength? Electric Insurance Company’s financial strength rating is not publicly available from all major rating agencies, such as A.M. Best. This lack of transparency may raise concerns about its financial stability and the ability to pay out claims.

3. Is Electric Insurance Company legitimate? Electric Insurance Company is a legitimate business, but it’s sensible to be cautious. The company has faced legal issues in the past related to alleged unfair claims practices which might be a concern for potential customers.

4. How does Electric Insurance Company maintain low premium rates? Electric Insurance Company states that they keep their premiums low by careful selection of their insureds. However, this selective strategy may leave some consumers paying higher premiums or even being denied coverage.

5. How responsive is Electric Insurance Company’s customer service? According to some customer feedback, Electric Insurance Company’s customer service can be inconsistent. In some instances, customers have reported long wait times and difficulty in getting claims processed.

6. Does Electric Insurance Company offer comprehensive coverage? While Electric Insurance Company does offer a range of coverage options, they may not provide the same breadth or depth of coverage as other larger, more established insurance providers.

7. What discounts does Electric Insurance Company offer? Electric Insurance Company does offer some discounts, but it may not be as diverse or substantial as what’s offered by other insurance companies.

8. Is the claims process at Electric Insurance Company straightforward? While Electric Insurance Company claims to have a simple and easy claims process, some customers have reported experiencing delays and difficulties when filing claims.

9. Does Electric Insurance Company provide clear policy details? The policy details at Electric Insurance Company may not be as clear or transparent as other insurance companies. Customers have reported hidden fees and unexpected charges.

10. How does Electric Insurance Company handle personal information? Electric Insurance Company has a privacy policy in place to protect personal information. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that no company is immune to data breaches or hacking incidents. Customers should remain vigilant and monitor their accounts regularly.

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