Reliable Credit Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Reliable Credit Review

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Reliable Credit has established itself as a significant player in the financial services sector, offering a range of credit and insurance products to a broad consumer base. Founded in 1958, the company prides itself on delivering fast, friendly service and upholding a commitment to integrity in all its dealings. However, like any financial institution, it has received mixed reviews from consumers. Some praise the company for its customer service and the ease of obtaining credit, while others have raised concerns about its practices and the handling of disputes.


Reliable Credit Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? 1

This blog post aims to provide a balanced and fair review of Reliable Credit, exploring its offerings, customer experiences, and overall reputation within the industry.

Reliable Credit Pros and Cons

Reliable Credit Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? 2
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  • Long-standing Reputation: Since 1958, Reliable Credit has been serving consumers, indicating a strong track record in the financial industry​.
  • Range of Products: Offers a variety of financial products, including direct loans and insurance, catering to a broad audience​.
  • Customer Service: Some customers have highlighted the company’s friendly service and professionalism, reflecting a positive experience with their team​​.


  • Customer Complaints: There have been significant complaints regarding account management and vehicle repossession practices. Some customers have reported aggressive and unfair treatment, including disputes over payments and lack of transparency​​.
  • Communication Issues: Reports of difficulties in communication with customer service, including refusal to provide account information and unhelpful staff, have been noted​​.
  • Impact on Credit and Finances: Negative experiences have led to financial strain for some customers, including impacts on credit scores and additional financial burdens due to perceived unfair practices​​.

Despite its established history and range of products, Reliable Credit’s reputation is marred by customer complaints and reports of unfair practices. While some customers commend the company for its service, others have faced significant challenges, suggesting a need for potential customers to carefully consider and research before engaging with a reliable credit association for their services. Balancing the pros and cons is essential to making an informed decision about utilizing a reliable credit association or Reliable Credit for financial needs.

Reliable Credit Products and Services

Reliable Credit offers a wide array of financial products aimed at meeting the diverse needs and incomes of its consumer base. Their offerings can be broadly categorized into loans and insurance products, designed to cater to various financial circumstances and income requirements.

Loans: Reliable Credit specializes in originating direct loans, which are designed to meet the personal financial needs of its customers. Whether for consolidating debt, financing a major purchase, or addressing unexpected expenses, their personal loans and products are tailored to provide solutions with a focus on accessibility and customer satisfaction. Additionally, they purchase retail installment contracts from approved dealers, facilitating consumer access to vehicle financing and other large purchases through a network of dealer and dealership partners​​.

Insurance Products: Alongside their lending services, Reliable Credit also offers a range of insurance products. These products are designed to protect consumers and their assets, including vehicle, property, and business insurance. The availability of insurance services alongside loan products provides a comprehensive financial solution, enabling customers to secure their investments and financial future​​.

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Customer-Centric Approach: In its mission statement, Reliable Credit emphasizes the importance of extending credit with “Fast Friendly Service and Integrity Assured.” This approach underlines their commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices. Moreover, the availability of a website and mobile apps for convenient account management reflects their focus on enhancing the customer experience through technology​​.

In summary, Reliable Credit’s product portfolio is designed to support the financial well-being of its customers through a variety of loans and insurance options. Their emphasis on customer service and integrity in business itself, combined with a long-standing reputation in the financial industry, positions them as a notable provider of reliable credit loans and insurance solutions.

Reliable Credit Customer Reviews

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The customer reviews of Reliable Credit reveal a mixed picture of worst customer service, with experiences varying widely among consumers. These reviews highlight both positive aspects and areas of concern that potential customers should consider.

Positive Feedback:

  • Trust and Reliability: Some customers have expressed satisfaction with Reliable Credit’s services, emphasizing trust and reliability. They appreciate the company’s willingness to provide loans and financial products, especially to those who might not have access to traditional banking services due to credit history​​.
  • Customer Service: Positive reviews often mention the friendly and professional demeanor of the customer service team. Customers have shared experiences where Reliable Credit representatives went above and beyond to assist them, especially during challenging financial times​​.

Negative Experiences:

  • Aggressive Repossession Practices: A significant number of complaints revolve around what some customers perceive as aggressive and unfair vehicle repossession practices. There are instances where customers were caught off guard by repossession despite believing they were in compliance with payment terms. In some cases, this led to severe personal and financial distress​​.
  • Disputed Payments and Communication Issues: Several reviews cite difficulties in communication with Reliable Credit, including disputes over payments that were reportedly made but not acknowledged by the company. Customers have described challenges in resolving these disputes, compounded by what they feel is a lack of transparency or willingness to investigate issues on the part of Reliable Credit​​.
  • Impact on Financial Stability: Negative interactions with Reliable Credit have, for some customers, led to significant impacts on their financial stability. This includes damage to credit scores, loss of personal property due to repossession, and additional financial strain from attempting to resolve disputes with the company​​.

While there are customers who have had positive experiences with Reliable Credit, indicating satisfaction with the company’s various car loans, other finance and insurance products, and their customer service, there are also numerous accounts of negative experiences. These include issues with account management, communication, and, particularly, vehicle repossession practices that have left some customers feeling unfairly treated.

Given the breadth of customer experiences, it is crucial for potential clients to carefully review Reliable Credit’s practices and consider all feedback—both positive and negative—when making financial decisions involving the company.

Reliable Credit Cost and Fees

Understanding the costs and fees associated with financial services is crucial for consumers looking to make informed decisions. While specific details on the cost and fees paid for Reliable Credit’s services and consumer loans are not directly available from the sources consulted, general considerations can be outlined based on common practices in the financial industry and past customer feedback.

Loan Interest Rates: The full interest rate or rates on loans can vary widely based on the type of loan, the borrower’s creditworthiness, and market conditions. Reliable Credit, like many lenders, likely offers a range of various interest rates, depending on these factors. It’s essential for potential borrowers to inquire directly about the rates applicable to direct lenders and their specific circumstances.

Fees: Financial services, including loans and insurance, often come with various fees. These can include a loan origination fee, fees, late payment fees, and possibly prepayment penalties. Customers have expressed concerns over loan amounts, fees, and charges that seemed unexpected or disproportionate to their understanding of their financial obligations​​. It’s advisable for customers to thoroughly review their loan agreements and ask for a detailed breakdown of all potential fees before committing any money to a loan.

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Repossession and Collection Costs: Some of the most distressing feedback from customers relates to the costs associated with vehicle repossession and debt collection efforts. These processes can add significant additional costs to paying the borrower’s or lender’s original debt, sometimes exacerbating financial difficulties​​.

Transparency and Communication: A recurring theme in customer feedback is the importance of clear communication regarding costs and fees. Potential applicants and current customers should seek clarity from Reliable Credit on all aspects of their financial products, including the full cost of the loan amount, interest or borrowing, and any late fee associated with late payments or other contingencies.

For individuals considering Reliable Credit’s services, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and ask detailed questions about all costs and fees involved in the minimum loan amount. Understanding these details and paying them upfront can help avoid surprises and ensure a more positive financial experience.

Customer Support and Resolution

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Reliable Credit’s approach to customer support and issue resolution plays a critical role in shaping consumer perceptions and experiences. Based on the available information provided in reviews and company statements, there are aspects of their customer service that have received both praise and criticism.

Strengths in Customer Service:

  • Accessibility: Reliable Credit promotes its customer service availability, with branches and representatives poised to assist consumers. This accessibility is a positive note for those looking to engage directly with their lender​​.
  • Friendly Service: There are accounts of customer service interactions that highlight the company’s commitment to friendly and professional conduct. Such experiences can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty​​.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Issue Resolution: Customer feedback has revealed instances where the resolution of disputes or concerns was not handled to the satisfaction of the customer. Particularly, issues surrounding account management, payment disputes, and repossession practices have been sources of frustration​​.
  • Communication Clarity: Effective communication is crucial, especially in financial services. Some customers have reported challenges getting clear, straightforward answers to their questions or having their concerns addressed promptly​​.

Recommendations for Consumers:

  • Proactive Engagement: Customers should proactively engage with Reliable Credit’s customer service for any concerns or questions, especially regarding account details, payment schedules, and any fees or charges.
  • Documentation: Keeping detailed records of all communications, payments, and agreements can provide a solid basis for resolving any disputes that may arise.

Reliable Credit’s customer support system, like any organization’s, has room for improvement, especially in areas highlighted by early consumer feedback. Prospective and current customers would benefit from clear, open communication and taking proactive steps to address any issues directly with the company. Maintaining a detailed record of all transactions and communications can also facilitate smoother interactions and assist in dispute resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of car loans does Reliable Credit offer?
Reliable Credit offers a variety of loan products, including direct personal loans and retail installment contracts for use or financing. These loans are designed to meet the diverse financial needs of their customer base, from personal expenses to vehicle financing, with no prepayment fee.

How can I apply for a loan with Reliable Credit?
Prospective borrowers can apply for a loan by completing a secure credit application available on Reliable Credit’s website. The process is designed to be straightforward, allowing individuals to apply for and qualify for reliable credit loans more conveniently.

Does Reliable Credit offer insurance products?
Yes, Reliable Credit provides a range of insurance products, including vehicle, property, and business insurance. These offerings are aimed at protecting the financial investments of lenders and their customers.

What should I do if I have a dispute with a car loan from Reliable Credit?
If you encounter an issue or dispute with Reliable Credit, it’s recommended to contact a manager or their customer service directly to address your concerns. Keeping detailed records of all communications and transactions can also aid in resolving disputes.

How does Reliable Credit handle vehicle repossessions?
Vehicle repossession is an example of a measure taken by Reliable Credit under certain circumstances, such as delinquent payments. Customers have expressed concerns over repossession practices, emphasizing

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