USALLIANCE Financial Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

USALLIANCE Financial Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

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USALLIANCE Financial stands out as a prominent, not-for-profit financial institution dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of financial services tailored to meet the needs of its members. From competitive savings and CD rates to a vast array of loan products and cutting-edge digital banking solutions, USALLIANCE Financial aims to enhance the financial well-being of its members. With a strong commitment to accessibility and convenience, it boasts an extensive network of ATMs and branches across several states, alongside a highly regarded mobile banking app. This review delves into the pros and cons of banking with USALLIANCE Financial, offering insights into its products, services, customer experiences, and more, to give you a well-rounded understanding of what to expect as a member of this growing cooperative.


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USALLIANCE Financial Pros and Cons

USALLIANCE Financial offers a mix of benefits and drawbacks that potential members should consider. Here’s a balanced look:


  • Competitive CD Rates: USALLIANCE frequently updates its CD rates to stay competitive, with special rates on 18-month CDs and no-penalty options for early withdrawal on specific terms, providing flexibility and value to savers​​​​.
  • Extensive ATM Network: Members benefit from access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide, making banking convenient regardless of your location.
  • Innovative Mobile Banking: The mobile app is highly praised for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, allowing members to manage their accounts, deposit checks, and more, seamlessly from anywhere​​.
  • Comprehensive Financial Services: Offers a wide range of products including checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, and credit cards, catering to various financial needs​​.


  • Customer Service Challenges: Some members have reported challenges with customer service, including difficulties in resolving issues and delays in communication.
  • BBB Rating and Customer Complaints: USALLIANCE has a D- rating from the BBB due to unresolved customer complaints and has an average customer review rating of 1.59/5 stars, which indicates a pattern of customer dissatisfaction​​.
  • Early Withdrawal Penalties for CDs: While they offer competitive rates, the penalties for early withdrawal from CDs can be steep, particularly for accounts with original maturities of 18 months or longer, which could deter some savers​​.

In weighing these pros and cons, potential members should consider their own banking needs and preferences. While USALLIANCE Financial offers attractive rates and a broad range of services, attention to customer service and the handling of complaints is crucial for a satisfactory banking experience.

USALLIANCE Financial Products and Services

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USALLIANCE Financial caters to a wide audience through its diverse range of products and services, designed to meet various financial needs and goals. Here’s an overview of what members can expect:

Checking and Savings Accounts

  • High Dividend Savings: Members can earn competitive APYs, encouraging savings growth. The institution periodically adjusts rates to remain attractive in the market.
  • MyLife Checking: This account combines the convenience of traditional checking with features designed for digital-age banking, such as online bill pay and mobile check deposit.

Certificate of Deposit (CD) Accounts

  • USALLIANCE offers a variety of CD terms, ranging from short-term (3 months) to long-term (60 months), with APYs that are competitive within the industry. Notably, their special CD rates and no-penalty withdrawal options for select terms stand out as particularly beneficial for savers looking for flexibility and higher returns​​​​.

Credit Cards and Loans

  • A range of credit card options is available, catering to different spending habits and financial situations. From rewards cards to balance transfer cards, members can select what best fits their needs.
  • Loans include personal, auto, and home loans with competitive rates and terms, designed to help members finance big purchases or consolidate debt efficiently.

Online and Mobile Banking

  • Recognized for its user-friendly mobile app, USALLIANCE Financial ensures that members have access to their finances anytime, anywhere. The app’s features include account management, mobile check deposit, and real-time alerts, making digital banking a seamless experience​​.

Access to ATMs and Branches

  • With over 6,000 branch facilities and 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the country, members enjoy extensive access to their funds without the worry of additional fees​​.

Membership Benefits

  • Beyond financial products, USALLIANCE offers educational resources, financial planning tools, and exclusive member benefits, highlighting its commitment to the financial well-being of its community.

USALLIANCE Financial’s offerings showcase a balance between competitive financial products and innovative digital solutions. This combination positions them as a forward-thinking institution ready to serve the diverse needs of its growing membership base.

USALLIANCE Financial Reviews

The reviews on USALLIANCE Financial offer a mixed perspective, showcasing both satisfied members and those who have faced challenges. Understanding these reviews is crucial for potential members to set their expectations accurately.

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Positive Feedback

  • Digital Banking Satisfaction: Many members have expressed high satisfaction with USALLIANCE’s digital banking solutions, particularly praising the mobile app for its ease of use and comprehensive features. The app’s functionality, including account management and mobile check deposit, has been highlighted as a strong point​​.
  • Competitive Rates: The institution’s competitive rates on CDs and savings accounts have also received positive attention. Savers looking for higher yields have found USALLIANCE’s offerings to be attractive, helping them achieve better growth on their deposits​​​​.

Areas of Concern

  • Customer Service: A significant area of concern cited in customer reviews relates to customer service. Some members have reported difficulties in resolving issues and delays in response times, which have led to frustration​​.
  • BBB Rating: The D- rating from the BBB, driven by unresolved complaints and a low average customer review score (1.59/5 stars), raises concerns about the credit union’s ability to address member grievances effectively​​.
  • Handling of Complaints: With 26 complaints closed in the last 3 years and 10 in the last 12 months, the pattern of complaints, particularly those that remain unanswered, suggests room for improvement in how USALLIANCE handles and resolves member issues​​.

These reviews provide a comprehensive view of USALLIANCE Financial, highlighting its strengths in competitive financial products and digital banking, while also drawing attention to critical areas needing improvement, such as customer service and complaint resolution. Potential members should weigh these factors, considering their own preferences and needs, to determine if USALLIANCE is the right financial institution for them.

USALLIANCE Financial BBB Profile

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USALLIANCE Financial’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile provides important insights into the credit union’s customer service and dispute resolution practices, which are crucial for potential and current members to understand.

BBB Rating

  • D- Rating: USALLIANCE Financial has received a D- rating from the BBB. This rating reflects BBB’s opinion about the entire organization’s interactions with its customers, including complaints received from the public​​.

Customer Reviews and Complaints

  • Customer Reviews: The credit union has an average customer review rating of 1.59/5 stars based on 17 customer reviews on the BBB website. This score suggests that a significant number of customers have had less-than-positive experiences​​.
  • Customer Complaints: Over the past three years, USALLIANCE has had 26 complaints filed against it, with 10 of those complaints filed in the last 12 months. The nature of these complaints varies, but they provide insight into the challenges some members have faced, including issues with products/services and customer support​​.

Accreditation and Business Longevity

  • Accreditation Status: Contrary to the low rating, it’s notable that USALLIANCE is not BBB accredited. BBB accreditation is a mark that a business actively pursues good customer service practices and works to resolve customer complaints. The absence of accreditation might influence potential members’ perception of the credit union​​.
  • Years in Business: Having been in business for 58 years, USALLIANCE demonstrates a long-standing presence in the financial industry. This longevity suggests a degree of stability and experience in providing financial services​​.

The BBB profile of USALLIANCE Financial, marked by a low rating and significant customer complaints, raises concerns about customer satisfaction and dispute resolution. However, the credit union’s long history in the financial sector indicates a sustained commitment to serving its members. Potential customers should weigh these factors carefully when considering USALLIANCE Financial for their banking needs.

Importance of Diverse Review Platforms

Review platforms like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and Yelp play a crucial role in providing potential and current members with a broader understanding of a financial institution’s performance from the customer’s viewpoint. These platforms allow users to share their personal experiences, whether positive or negative, giving others a glimpse into what they might expect in terms of products, services, and customer support.

Key Considerations:

  • Customer Service Insights: Reviews can shed light on the efficiency, responsiveness, and helpfulness of the customer service team.
  • Product Satisfaction: Feedback on specific products, such as loan terms, savings account yields, and usability of digital banking services, helps gauge overall satisfaction.
  • Resolution of Complaints: How a financial institution responds to and resolves complaints posted on public platforms can indicate its commitment to customer satisfaction.

While USALLIANCE Financial’s specific Trustpilot profile was not reviewed here, potential members are encouraged to seek out such platforms for additional insights. Reading through various reviews can help form a well-rounded view of the credit union, complementing information from the BBB and other sources.

It’s also valuable to consider the context of each review, recognizing that individual experiences can vary widely. Engaging with a mix of recent reviews across several platforms can provide the most accurate picture of current member experiences.

USALLIANCE Financial Cost

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Understanding the cost structure of USALLIANCE Financial is essential for members and potential customers to make informed decisions regarding their banking and investment choices. Here’s an overview focusing on fees, penalties, and other costs associated with their products and services:

Account Fees

  • Checking and Savings Accounts: USALLIANCE offers competitive options with minimal fees for account maintenance, aiming to keep banking affordable for its members. Specific fees, if any, depend on the account type and balance requirements.

CD Early Withdrawal Penalties

  • A significant aspect of USALLIANCE’s CD accounts is the penalty for early withdrawal. The penalties are structured based on the original maturity of the CDs:
    • For CDs with an original maturity of less than 18 months, the penalty is 180 days’ worth of dividends on the amount withdrawn​​.
    • For CDs with an original maturity of 18 months or longer, the penalty increases to 360 days’ worth of dividends​​. These penalties can impact the overall yield of the investment if funds are accessed before the term ends, making it crucial for investors to plan accordingly.

Loan Costs

  • Loan Products: USALLIANCE provides competitive rates on personal, auto, and home loans. While specific rates vary, they are designed to be competitive within the market, offering members cost-effective borrowing options. The exact costs, including interest rates and potential origination fees, will depend on the loan type, amount, term, and the borrower’s creditworthiness.

No-Penalty CDs

  • As an attractive feature, USALLIANCE offers no-penalty CDs for certain terms, allowing members to withdraw their funds before maturity without incurring a penalty. This option provides flexibility for investors who may need access to their funds unexpectedly​​.

Overall, USALLIANCE Financial aims to provide its members with competitive, low-cost banking and investment products. However, it’s important for members and potential customers to carefully review the specific terms and conditions of each product to understand any associated fees or penalties fully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of accounts does USALLIANCE Financial offer? USALLIANCE Financial offers a range of accounts including high dividend savings, checking accounts, various CD options (including special rates and no-penalty CDs), credit cards, and loan products covering personal, auto, and home loans. Their services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of their members, offering competitive rates and digital banking solutions​​​​.

Are there any fees for opening an account with USALLIANCE Financial? The fees associated with opening an account at USALLIANCE Financial can vary depending on the type of account. While they strive to keep costs low, it’s important for potential members to review the specific terms and conditions of each account to understand any applicable maintenance fees, minimum balance requirements, or other charges​​.

How does USALLIANCE Financial’s CD early withdrawal penalty work? The early withdrawal penalty for a CD at USALLIANCE Financial depends on the original maturity of the CD. For CDs with an original maturity of less than 18 months, the penalty is 180 days’ worth of dividends. For CDs with an original maturity of 18 months or longer, the penalty is 360 days’ worth of dividends. This structure is important for members to consider when choosing their investment term​​.

Can I access my USALLIANCE Financial accounts online or through a mobile app? Yes, USALLIANCE Financial offers comprehensive online and mobile banking options. Their highly acclaimed mobile app allows members to manage their accounts, deposit checks, and perform other banking tasks seamlessly from anywhere, highlighting the institution’s commitment to convenience and accessibility​​.

What is the BBB rating of USALLIANCE Financial, and what does it indicate? USALLIANCE Financial has a D- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This rating reflects the BBB’s assessment of the credit union’s interaction with its customers, based on factors such as complaint history and resolution. The D- rating and customer feedback suggest areas for improvement in customer service and complaint handling​​.

What does the BBB profile of USALLIANCE Financial reveal about its customer service and satisfaction?The BBB profile for USALLIANCE Financial indicates a D- rating, suggesting room for improvement in customer service and satisfaction. This rating reflects factors such as the number of complaints filed against the business and how those complaints were handled. With an average customer review rating of 1.59/5 stars based on 17 reviews, and 26 complaints closed in the last 3 years, potential customers are advised to consider these aspects when evaluating the credit union’s reliability and service quality​​.

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