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Graphite Funding Review
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Graphite Funding - THUMBS DOWN

Graphite Funding claims on its website that it wants to make your life easier and they want to free you of your high interest credit card debt by providing lower interest rate options that may reduce your monthly payments and reduce the time you are in debt.

WARNING: There have been recent complaints regarding Graphite Funding’s business practices. Consumers believe they are applying for a loan when in fact they will be referred to an outside attorney to negotiate their debts and charge additional fees. Due to a mix of bait and switch tactics, an aggressive sales team and poor customer support, we can not in good faith recommend Graphite Funding. Their method of approaching customers is borderline bullying and their strategies used to sell their services are at the very least questionable. Possible connections to Salvation Funding, Lafayette Funding, Pebblestone Financial, Broadstar Financial, Stallion Lending & Patriot Funding.

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