Anthem Tax Services vs Community Tax: Which One Is The Best Option?

Anthem Tax Services vs Community Tax

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It’s crucial to consider your options before choosing a tax solution that works for you. By doing this, you may be sure that you’re receiving the greatest service available for your requirements. In order to assist you in deciding which business is the best choice, we compare Anthem Tax Services vs Community Tax.


Anthem Tax Services Review: One Of The Top Tax Relief Companies

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Anthem Tax Services Summary

Trust, service, honesty, integrity, and education are said to be the cornerstones upon which Anthem Tax Services’ business is constructed. These qualities also serve as the company’s guiding principles. This is evident in everything, from the company’s marketing materials to the staff biographies posted on their website. Over the years, they have gotten countless positive testimonials from grateful clients who have appreciated their individualized service and the success they have had in dealing with the IRS on their behalf. In the event that you require tax preparation assistance, Anthem Tax Services is the most reliable and skilled option available.

Approaching Tax Relief and Tax Debt In An Honest And Transparent Way

Anthem Tax Services makes information about the tax experts on their staff available as part of their dedication to transparency. Photos and thorough biographies are offered for IRS-enrolled agents. You may rely on these experts to assist you with your tax debt. To help you, they have two offices along the seaside. Also, unlike many other tax firms, they freely list their office addresses on their website.

Tax Experts Provide Help With Tax Relief And Debt Relief

In order to decrease back taxes and tax debt for taxpayers in California, Florida, and across the nation, Anthem Tax Service has established the most successful strategies for negotiating with the IRS. These qualified individuals are qualified to represent taxpayers before the IRS as IRS Enrolled Agents. Their personnel is certified and accredited, and they also hold a number of certifications and accreditations attesting to their expertise, knowledge, and education.

Individualized Remote Tax Relief Services In All 50 States

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The staff at Anthem Tax Services is aware of how difficult and frustrating dealing with delinquent taxes can be. They started their business in order to offer individualized, pleasant service that constantly prioritizes the needs of the customer. They provide assistance to individuals, independent contractors, and corporations in all 50 states, so they can assist you no matter where you are. Also, you can contact the Florida and California offices whenever you need to. There is no need to visit their office because consultations and tax services can be offered over the phone.

Services Provided by Anthem Tax Services

Many clients also ask for assistance with tax debt and back taxes, in addition to bookkeeping, payroll taxes, and filing personal taxes. Anthem Tax Services provides a variety of services to fulfill the demands of its customers.

Think about the situation where you owe the IRS money. In some circumstances, you may be able to negotiate a settlement, submit an offer-in-compromise, or file paperwork to have fines and fees waived in order to reduce your overall tax burden. Also, they give you on-going training and assistance so that, after your back taxes are settled, you can file your taxes on time and stay out of problems with the IRS.

Guaranteed Money-Back

Dealing with tax relief providers comes with a lot of problems. As a result, Anthem Tax Services provides a variety of tax relief services, ranging from back tax preparation to payroll taxes and bookkeeping. They can aid you in completing documentation that will prevent more fines and penalties, they can give you continuing support and education, and they can assist you in negotiating a settlement with the IRS. If you require a tax company that is knowledgeable about tax law and can help you, the Anthem Tax Service offer can be of interest to you.

Free Consultation  

They provide a free telephone consultation if you think their tax debt relief services may be helpful to you. You can be sure that while working with them, the price mentioned is the price you will pay. They support upfront pricing that is fair and clear. We are certain that they can help you with your unpaid tax obligation since they have years of expertise filing tax returns, defending clients during audits, and negotiating payment arrangements with the IRS.

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Prevents Wage Garnishments, Liens, and Levy from Impacting Your Income

If you have gone behind on your taxes and have been informed that the IRS is attempting to collect them, it is normal to feel afraid and bewildered. You don’t have to go through this by yourself. By filing the necessary documentation, the tax attorneys at Anthem Tax Services can help stop liens, levies, and wage garnishments immediately. You can continue to live as you do while they look into potential solutions for your tax obligation and act on your behalf.

Customers Are Satisfied

Visit Anthem’s website to find out how it has helped thousands of policyholders lower their tax obligations and save millions in taxes. On the website, which displays user evaluations and testimonials, there are videos showing actual savings by Anthem customers.

Effective Processes

Negotiating with the IRS can be difficult enough when dealing with unpaid back taxes. You may get quick results from the Anthem Tax Service so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll owe. The tax experts at Anthem have established tried-and-true procedures after more than 30 years of tax preparation and back tax relief.

Anthem Tax Ratings

Anthem Tax has shown a dedication to client satisfaction and the capacity to handle concerns in a prompt and effective manner, in addition to retaining an A+ rating with the BBB. Customers have also appreciated Anthem Tax Services for being transparent about its prices and service offers.

Will Anthem Tax Services Impact My Credit?

Should I be concerned about Anthem Tax’s impact on my credit score? In all honesty, it depends on the services you need and the circumstances you are in. Your credit score may suffer if you use Anthem Tax Services to assist pay off a debt you already have, such as an obligation to the IRS. When you utilize a tax relief agency to negotiate with the IRS in this situation, the credit bureaus can receive a report.

Anthem Tax Services: Final Thoughts

Anthem Tax Services vs Community Tax: Which One Is The Best Option? 2

Jake Shulman and Josh Kahn established Anthem Tax Services in 2013 with the goal of offering honest and fair tax services to individuals and businesses across the US. The business provides a range of tax debt management services, including tax preparation, aid with back taxes, and other tax debt management services. It has assisted thousands of clients in saving millions of dollars.

With a mother who was a CPA, Josh Kahn grew up surrounded by the tax sector. He worked for various businesses before founding Anthem with Shulman. Shulman notes on Anthem’s website that many other tax firms prioritize making a profit above paying attention to their clients’ requirements.

By providing individualized service based on trust, expertise, and ethics, Shulman and Kahn set out to revolutionize the insurance sector when they launched Anthem.

You can count on Anthem Tax Services to provide you with tailored, expert tax assistance and the best outcomes. You’ll get the results you require thanks to a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee and upfront pricing. Don’t wait; get in touch with Anthem Tax Services now.


  • Free Consultation
  • Prices for services begin at $250.
  • There are numerous financing alternatives available.
  • A- rating from BBB
  • If a resolution cannot be achieved, money will be returned.
  • Affiliation with the NATP and NAEA
  • Having thirty years of experience
  • The service is available in all 50 states
  • The California Tax Education Council counts them among its members.


  • Free Consultation: Yes
  • Refund Policy: Yes
  • Financing Available: Yes
  • Years In Business: 10
  • Minimum Tax Requirement: $10,000
  • Average Case Length: 6-18 months
  • On Staff: Tax Attorneys & EAs
  • Top Types Of Cases Resolved: Business Disputes, Incorrect Filings, Spousal Tax Issues, Garnishments & Property Levies
  • Clients Served In 2018: 1750

Community Tax Review: Is It A Good Tax Relief Company?

People frequently feel overburdened by the responsibility to properly file their taxes and avoid harming their bank accounts or credit cards. It is frequently required to seek the help of a tax preparer from a business known for competence. Tax season can be unpleasant if you are submitting your basic income taxes or if your financial situation is more complicated.

If you owe money to the government or the IRS, you can even feel more stressed. Thankfully, tax relief businesses like Community Tax can lessen that pressure. Community Tax offers a tax relief service that can help people manage their prior taxes. The company’s staff can help you with any tax-related concerns and make sure you take advantage of all available refunds, rebates, and possibilities. There is a reason why they have more than 100,000 clients.

The preparation of taxes or the provision of tax relief are two areas of specialization for many tax firms. The Community Tax group might be able to help you. Among the many services they provide are tax reduction, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll processing.

With Community Tax, you may arrange your bookkeeping, prepare and file your previous tax returns, and more. In order to assist you in settling any tax debts you may have, they can also give you information about other tax relief possibilities and act as your advocate when negotiating with the government. Community Tax is a nationwide company with a corporate location in Chicago, Illinois, where it also serves clients. With the exception of Minnesota and North Dakota, it offers services everywhere over the nation.

For people who are having difficulty paying back taxes, must file tax returns for prior years, or are about to have their income garnished or property seized as a result of unpaid taxes, tax relief may be a wise decision.

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Community Tax: Overview

In order to meet all of your tax needs in one place, Community Tax was founded in 2010. This Chicago, Illinois-based company boasts a staff of experts who have experience dealing with practically any tax situation. All 50 states have granted them work authorization. To enable knowledgeable tax experts to evaluate your position, you will need to give financial information.

Community Tax has long been used by people who need assistance with their taxes. They provide a number of services, including having over 60,000 customers and an A+ rating from the BBB. They gain notoriety thanks to favorable web reviews. They offer services to both small enterprises and private clients. They will take care of everything, including bookkeeping, tax relief programs, and tax preparation and filing.

The members of Community Tax include tax lawyers, enrolled agents, and CPAs. On their website, they provide free guidance and resources on anything from tax preparation to forgiveness programs. If you read up on these subjects, you’ll be more knowledgeable and ready when tax season rolls around.

You can prevent tax problems from occurring by making use of Community Tax’s Tax Assurance Program. With full-service monitoring, reports, notifications, and transcripts, keeping up with your taxes throughout the year is simple.

Services Provided by Community Tax

Anthem Tax Services vs Community Tax: Which One Is The Best Option? 3

Community Tax provides a range of services that can help you if you are having tax problems, including:

  • Tax issues resolution
  • Tax Preparation
  • Accounting
  • Tax bill
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax assurance program
  • Tax reductions
  • Issues with IRS taxation

You might require help with your tax problems if you are in a bad debt scenario. Those of us battling with back taxes that we are unable to pay have access to professional services and payment arrangements. They will speak with the IRS or the state on your behalf and look into any potential solutions for you to modify your tax liability. You could have the option of lowering the debt or creating a manageable payment plan.

  • Compromise offers
  • Installment payments agreements
  • Stair Steps agreements
  • Streamlined Installment Agreement
  • Installment agreement for partial payment
  • Conditional Expense Installments agreements
  • Traditional Installment Agreement
  • Currently Not Collectible Status
  • Penalties Reduction

They offer accounting and bookkeeping services in addition to tax preparation and return filing. Those who trust their fully certified agents to complete all the papers accurately and on time may also receive tax preparation services.

This tax relief company provides a range of services, some of which are one-time chances and others of which are included in programs that participants are registered in. In contrast, their accounting services are offered in a range of plans depending on your demands, whilst their bookkeeping services are only offered as single-tier enrolment options.

Tax Assurance Program (TAP): What Is It?

The Tax Assurance Program, or TAP, was created to assist individuals in avoiding potential tax issues. You can access all of your financial data with TAP, allowing you to spot any issues early on and take immediate action to address them. For anyone who wants to keep track of their finances and remain on top of their taxes, it is a really helpful program.

Three distinct TAP plans are available, each with a different package of services and a different monthly cost. This training may be helpful to those who are currently overdue and making an effort to comply as well as those who have never had a run-in with the Federal Revenue Service (IRS). To get back on track without having to pay a third party, it is possible to speak with the IRS directly. One of these things might be requesting an installment payment plan from the IRS, submitting an offer in compromise paperwork, or requesting copies of previous tax records.

Regardless of the package you select, your account will be watched 24 hours a day, 7 days each week. The majority of plans also offer expert tax guidance. To ensure that you don’t miss any updates, you will receive notifications for every IRS letter. Your committed agent will also analyze your IRS letter and offer guidance on any pertinent information. Community Tax is more forgiving because many tax assistance organizations only take into account taxpayers who owe taxes totaling more than $10,500. Although there is a very low chance you may qualify, talking to a tax expert who has dealt with IRS issues can significantly increase your odds.

Offers Free Resources

For both people and businesses interested in finding out more about tax relief, the Community Tax website provides a wide range of useful tax information. Use of these free materials, which cover a range of issues that are very helpful to be aware of, is highly advised. Potential customers can have a thorough idea of the services supplied during the free consultation.

The resources listed below include forms and instructions for filling them out, as well as blogs written by professionals in respective professions. You can use these tools to find out how to save money during tax season or how to submit your taxes successfully.

The tax relief organization has organized its resources into categories to make it easy for consumers to find what they require. Finding the relevant information so becomes quicker and easier. Some of the categories include:

  • Taxation blog
  • Tax forms library
  • Common Tax Terms
  • Back Taxes Help
  • Resources for business
  • Service Offerings
  • IRS notices
  • Advice on accounting and bookkeeping
  • Frequently Asked Tax Questions
  • Facts about taxes
  • Scams involving taxes
  • Reductions in taxes

How Much Does This Company Cost?

You might be wondering how much Community Tax will cost you. Given that the price of tax services varies on a variety of circumstances, it is challenging to provide a single response for all tax scenarios. Whatever Community Tax Services you require will determine how much they cost. Furthermore, because every case is different, it is difficult to provide a precise estimate without knowing more about your particular circumstances.

There isn’t a price listed yet, but you can get in touch with them for a free consultation. You are not required to employ their services after the consultation, so you may examine what they have to offer and determine whether they are a good fit for you. Community Tax offers a 15-day money-back guarantee, as well as a refund policy if the company is unable to lower the total tax obligation or monthly payments by any amount. They will be able to answer any queries you may have regarding your budget in addition to providing you with a more thorough explanation of their services and a rough estimate of the cost.

Will Community Tax Harm My Credit?

Do I need to be concerned that Community Tax will harm my credit? It’s important for you to know that paying Community Tax won’t harm your credit score. In the long term, it can help you raise your credit score by enabling you to pay off your debt and keep it that way.

Community Tax’s experts will evaluate your financial circumstances and create a strategy to pay down your IRS tax debt. In addition to an installment agreement, this plan may also involve an Offer in Compromise (OIC). You won’t need to be concerned about your credit score being harmed if you select either choice.

Community Tax Ratings

Community Tax has an excellent rating of 4.34/5 based on 179 reviews as of the time of writing and was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in 2015.

Community TaxIs It A Legitimate Company?

Anthem Tax Services vs Community Tax: Which One Is The Best Option? 4

What is the legitimacy of Community Tax? The end of the year brings with it an increase in anxiety about taxes for many people. Tax responsibilities and debts cannot be avoided, but there is no need to stress about them for weeks or months on end. Consequently, before registering for a tax relief program, people must educate themselves. To make the procedure as easy and stress-free as possible, certain tax relief companies offer tax settlement services. These experts offer tax lien, tax levy, wage garnishment, and other financial hardship services.

For no one, tax season is a pleasant time of year. By calling Community Tax, you may be able to discover deductions that you may have been missing out on for years or lower the amount of back taxes you owe. With Community Tax, the full-service tax firm will assign you a case advocate. Every case has a licensed practitioner and, if necessary, prepared taxes. Before engaging with a tax relief company to help you with an IRS or state tax authority issue, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive investigation and assessment of that organization to make sure you are not being taken advantage of. This could help you save a lot of money.

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