Civic Tax Relief Review: Is It A Scam?

Civic Tax Relief

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Civic Tax Relief is a financial organization offering tax relief solutions to both businesses and individuals. This evaluation intends to deliver an impartial analysis of the company, its services, customer feedback, and an overall judgment of its authenticity.


A Look at Civic Tax Relief:

Civic Tax Relief Review: Is It A Scam? 1

Civic Tax Relief serves as a tax consultancy agency that helps customers tackle tax-related challenges. They extend a variety of services from penalty reductions, back taxes, offer in compromise (OIC), installment agreements to more intricate matters like payroll tax issues and tax liens. Their squad comprises seasoned tax experts who assist clients in negotiating and resolving their tax troubles.

Key Services:

Here are some of the primary services offered by Civic Tax Relief:

  • Tax Resolution: They aid clients in sorting out multiple tax concerns, including IRS audits, wage garnishments, bank levies, and tax liens.
  • Tax Preparation & Planning: They provide support with tax preparation, ensuring clients adhere to all federal and state tax laws while optimizing tax savings.
  • Tax Negotiation & Settlement: Their tax specialists negotiate with the IRS on behalf of the clients to lessen tax debt or set up manageable payment schemes.
  • Back Taxes: They assist clients in settling unpaid tax debts, averting additional penalties and interest accumulation.
  • Penalty Abatement: They help in wiping out or decreasing tax penalties due to justifiable reasons like illness, unawareness of tax laws, or incorrect counsel from a tax advisor.

Performance and Effectiveness:

The efficacy of Civic Tax Relief primarily hinges on individual cases. Some clients have reported substantial cuts in their tax liabilities, while others have had less pleasing experiences. The company professes to have saved millions for their clients, but these assertions can only be confirmed through individual client experiences.

Customer Support:

Customer service is a crucial element of any financial services firm. Civic Tax Relief provides several avenues for customer interaction, including phone, email, and live chat. Some clients have lauded the company’s prompt and supportive customer service, while others have voiced dissatisfaction with slow responses or unclear communication.

Civic Tax Relief Review: Is It A Scam? 2
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Client Reviews:

Civic Tax Relief has received mixed feedback from its clients. While some patrons praise the company for its professional service and capability to effectively handle intricate tax issues, others have voiced discontent with the resolution of their tax troubles and the fees levied. The diverse reviews underline the necessity for potential clients to perform thorough due diligence before engaging with Civic Tax Relief.


Given the varied reviews and experiences shared by clients, the authenticity of Civic Tax Relief is subjective. It’s crucial to conduct your own research and not entirely rely on online reviews or testimonials. Directly reaching out to the company, posing detailed queries, and consulting independent financial advisors can also assist in determining the company’s authenticity.


To conclude, Civic Tax Relief provides a broad spectrum of tax relief services that could potentially aid individuals and businesses in navigating complicated tax matters. They boast a team of experienced tax professionals and multiple customer service channels. However, the diverse client reviews and experiences underscore the need for a comprehensive personal assessment before deciding to work with Civic Tax Relief.

The choice to collaborate with a tax relief company should be made after thoughtful consideration and research. If you opt to use Civic Tax Relief, it’s crucial to fully comprehend the engagement terms, potential expenses, and possible outcomes. Keep in mind that every tax case is distinct, and results can differ depending on individual situations.

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