Honest Tax Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Honest Tax Review: Is It a Scam or Legit? 1

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In an industry plagued by controversy and skepticism, tax relief companies consistently find themselves under intense scrutiny. While the promise of reducing or completely eliminating tax debts sounds appealing, the reality often falls short, leaving clients feeling exploited and dissatisfied. This sentiment is echoed in the mixed reviews on platforms like Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot for well-known companies like Tax Relief Advocates and Optima Tax Relief. Our detailed reviews of these companies, which you can find here and here, reveal a similar pattern of high hopes met with disappointing results.


Today, we turn our critical gaze onto Honest Tax; a company that claims to provide impeccable tax relief services. But does it truly deliver, or is it yet another player in the dubious game of tax relief promises? With this review, we aim to uncover the truth about Honest Tax and its operations. We invite you to join us as we delve into the company’s background, scrutinize its products and services, expose any associated risks and controversies, and compare it with industry peers.

So, if you’re considering outsourcing your tax relief needs, or if you’re simply intrigued by the complex, often problematic world of tax relief companies, stick around. This review promises to be as eye-opening as the plot twists in a Hollywood movie about corporate scandals.

Remember, knowledge is power. And when it comes to dealing with tax relief services, the more you know, the better equipped you are to make an informed decision. Don’t let enticing promises blind you to the potential risks. As we’ve seen with Tax Relief Advocates and Optima Tax Relief, the industry is not without its share of controversies.

Company Background

In this critical exploration of the tax relief industry, Honest Tax is our focus. Founded in 2005, Honest Tax emerged with the promise to deliver unparalleled tax relief services to individuals and businesses alike. Located in Encino, California, the company has offered its services to countless clients over the years, promising assistance with IRS audits, wage garnishment, and tax liens, among other tax-related predicaments.

Honest Tax

While it’s easy to be swayed by the company’s longevity and comprehensive list of services, digging deeper into their history reveals a less-than-stellar performance. A closer look at their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile reveals a B- rating, tarnishing their claim of excellent services.

Fast Facts

  • Founded in 2005 in Encino, California.
  • Provides a wide range of tax relief services.
  • B- rating on the BBB,

To further color our understanding of Honest Tax, let’s turn to some real-life experiences of former clients. The company has a collection of mixed reviews, with some clients singing their praises, while others share stories that are less than complimentary. One noteworthy case study involves a client who claimed to have been charged exorbitantly for services that were never delivered.

It is these instances that cast a shadow of doubt over the credibility of Honest Tax. It forces us to question whether its promises are genuinely met or merely part of a well-crafted sales pitch.

This scenario isn’t far removed from the Hollywood movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” where fortunes were made based on fabricated promises and unethical business practices. While we’re not equating Honest Tax to such extreme misconduct, it’s hard to overlook the similarities when faced with testimonials alleging deceptive practices.

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  • Mixed reviews from former clients.
  • Allegations of overcharging and undelivered services.
  • Parallels to the unethical business practices portrayed in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

In conclusion, while Honest Tax has been around for a substantial period and offers a broad range of services, their reputation is not as spotless as they would have clients believe. The mixed reviews and unsatisfactory BBB rating raise questions about the integrity of their operations, thereby making it vital for potential clients to tread cautiously. The story of Honest Tax serves as a reminder that not everything that glitters in the tax relief industry is gold, much like the glittering yet corrupt world portrayed in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

In the next section, we’ll delve into the specific services offered by Honest Tax, questioning their effectiveness and value for money. Keep reading to find out more.


Honest Tax Review: Is It a Scam or Legit? 2
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As we delve deeper into our review of Honest Tax, it becomes vital to scrutinize the products and services it offers. On paper, the company boasts a comprehensive suite of tax relief services designed to assist individuals and businesses in managing their tax-related issues. These include:

IRS Audit Defense

This service is designed to protect clients from aggressive IRS actions by ensuring that their rights are upheld throughout the audit process.

Tax Preparation

Honest Tax offers to help clients accurately prepare their tax returns to avoid potential penalties from the IRS.

Wage Garnishment Release

The company claims to assist clients in preventing or releasing wage garnishments issued by the IRS.

Tax Lien Removal

This service is meant to help clients remove tax liens from their property or credit reports.

Offer in Compromise

Honest Tax offers assistance in negotiating an Offer in Compromise with the IRS, which allows clients to settle their debts for less than the full amount owed.

However, a detailed examination of these services raises questions about their efficacy and transparency. To gauge the real-world performance of these services, let’s refer to reviews from actual clients on BBB and Trustpilot:

  • A client on BBB reported that despite paying for the wage garnishment release service, the issue was never resolved.
  • Another client on Trustpilot claimed to have paid for the Offer in Compromise service, but the company failed to negotiate successfully with the IRS.
  • Numerous clients reported being charged for services they never received.

This pattern of negative feedback and unfulfilled promises is alarming and brings into question the effectiveness of Honest Tax’s services. Furthermore, it’s concerning that the company has not addressed these complaints, as this lack of response could be indicative of poor customer service.

To further involve our readers in this critical examination, we’ve included a quick poll:

📊 Have you ever used Honest Tax's services? If so, were you satisfied with the results?
Honest Tax Review: Is It a Scam or Legit? 3

We invite you to participate in the poll and share your experiences. Your input could provide valuable insight for other potential clients who are considering using Honest Tax’s services.

In conclusion, while Honest Tax offers an extensive range of services, the effectiveness of these services remains questionable. The multitude of negative reviews combined with the company’s lack of responsiveness reinforces the skepticism surrounding the tax relief industry. It’s crucial for potential clients to consider these factors before committing to the company’s services. As we continue our review, we’ll investigate any risks and controversies associated with Honest Tax, furthering our understanding of the company’s operations. Stay tuned.

Risks and Controversies

Honest Tax Review: Is It a Scam or Legit? 4
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It’s time to shed light on some darker corners of Honest Tax’s operations. The tax relief industry is not without its controversies, and Honest Tax, unfortunately, is no exception.

  • One of the primary concerns surrounding Honest Tax is its lack of transparency. Multiple reports suggest that the company often fails to provide a clear breakdown of costs, leaving clients surprised by unexpected charges and fees.
  • Further, a quick glance at the Better Business Bureau website reveals several complaints lodged against Honest Tax, many of which echo similar concerns. Customers have reported instances of being charged for services that were not delivered or were inadequately performed.
  • Worse still, there have been instances where Honest Tax allegedly failed to communicate with clients, leaving them in the dark about the progress of their cases.

This pattern of behavior is alarming and certainly raises questions about the company’s ethical conduct. It also emphasizes the risks potential clients might face if they opt for Honest Tax’s services.

To gauge our reader’s perception of these issues, we’ve included an interactive element – a quick survey:

📝 Honest Tax Survey

Based on the information provided, how would you rate your level of trust in Honest Tax?

Based on the information provided, how would you rate your level of trust in Honest Tax?

We encourage you to participate in this survey. Your feedback could be instrumental in helping others navigate the complex landscape of the tax relief industry.

In summary, Honest Tax’s operations are shrouded in considerable controversy, with multiple reports of inadequate service, unexpected charges, and poor communication. These issues highlight the risks associated with engaging with the company – risks that potential clients should be aware of before making any commitments. As we continue our review in the next section, we’ll contrast Honest Tax Relief against its industry peers, revealing how it measures up to industry standards and what better alternatives might be available.

Comparative Analysis

In the vast landscape of tax relief companies, the true measure of a company’s worth often emerges when juxtaposed against its competitors. So, let’s compare Honest Tax with Anthem Tax Services – a leading player in the industry with a commendable track record.

Before we delve deeper, it’s important to remind ourselves about the issues we’ve unearthed about Honest Tax so far. From lack of transparency to overcharging clients and failing to provide promised services, the list is concerning.

In contrast, Anthem Tax Services stands tall with an A+ rating on BBB, glowing customer reviews, and a clear, upfront pricing structure. Furthermore, unlike Honest Tax, Anthem has a team of licensed tax professionals who provide customized solutions to clients.

Honest TaxAnthem Tax Services
Customer SatisfactionPoorExcellent
BBB RatingB-A+

The difference becomes clearer and louder when you cast an eye over customer reviews. Both companies have their fair share of positive and negative reviews, but the scales tip heavily in Anthem’s favor.

Unsure about Honest Tax? We encourage you to check out Anthem Tax Services, our featured industry partner, for reliable tax relief solutions.

Click here to read our detailed review of Anthem Tax Services.

To conclude, our comparison paints a stark image of Honest Tax falling short against industry standards set by companies like Anthem Tax Services. If you’re in search of tax relief services, this comparison indicates that Anthem is a more reliable, trustworthy choice.

As we wrap up our review, it’s important to remember that every company has its pros and cons. However, the recurring pattern of complaints against Honest Tax makes it hard to ignore the glaring issues. In the end, the decision is yours, but we advise caution and thorough research before you commit your time, money, and trust to a tax relief company.


We started this review with an aim to critically analyze Honest Tax, a company that has been operating in the tax relief industry since 2005. Like the infamous character, Jordan Belfort, from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street,” it seems Honest Tax might be wrapped up in controversies and skepticism too.

Honest Tax Review: Is It a Scam or Legit? 5

We delved into the company’s background, discovering its mixed reputation, lower than average BBB rating, and numerous customer complaints. This raised clear doubts about the credibility of the company’s practices and the quality of its services. A closer look at its services revealed a series of unfulfilled promises and a lack of transparency, with customers often finding themselves hit with unexpected charges.

Furthermore, our comparative analysis showed that Honest Tax falls short when measured against the industry benchmark set by Anthem Tax Services. With an A+ rating on BBB, a reputation for high-quality services, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Anthem Tax Services outperforms Honest Tax on multiple fronts.

We hope this detailed review has provided you with valuable insights into the tax relief industry and the potential pitfalls of engaging with companies like Honest Tax. Remember, in the world of tax relief, it’s crucial to tread carefully and do your research before committing your hard-earned money. As the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” or, in this case, a company by its promises.

Before signing up with any tax relief company, we encourage you to explore other options, such as our featured industry partner, Anthem Tax Services. Check out our in-depth review of their services, or visit our tax relief comparison chart for a broader view of the industry.

After all, in the end, like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in “Catch Me If You Can,” we all just want a trustworthy partner to help navigate through our tax woes. Don’t settle for less.


Q: What is Honest Tax?

A: Honest Tax is a tax resolution service that helps taxpayers negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state tax agencies to resolve tax issues. They offer professional tax services including audit representation, tax preparation, and tax debt resolution.

Q: How does Honest Tax work?

A: Honest Tax begins with an initial consultation to understand and remedy a client’s tax issue. They then conduct a thorough investigation of the client’s tax records, after which they propose a resolution plan. Once the client approves the plan, Honest Tax negotiates with the IRS or state tax agencies on the client’s behalf.

Q: What types of tax issues does Honest Tax handle?

A: Honest Tax handles a variety of tax issues, including back taxes, tax liens, tax audits, wage garnishments, and penalties and interest on unpaid taxes.

Q: How much does Honest Tax charge for their services?

A: The cost of Honest Tax’s services varies depending on the complexity of the client’s tax issues. They provide a detailed quote after the initial consultation and investigation.

Q: What is the duration of the resolution process with Honest Tax?

A: The duration of the resolution process varies depending on the complexity of the tax issue. Simple cases may be resolved in a few weeks, while more complex cases may take several months.

Q: Is Honest Tax a licensed and accredited service?

A: Yes, Honest Tax is a licensed and accredited tax resolution service. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have a team of licensed tax professionals, including Certified Public Accountants and Tax Attorneys.

Q: How can I contact Honest Tax?

A: You can contact Honest Tax via their website, email, or phone. They offer a free consultation to discuss your tax issues.

Q: Can Honest Tax help with both federal and state tax issues?

A: Yes, Honest Tax can help with both federal and state tax issues. They have experience dealing with the IRS and various state tax agencies.

Q: What kind of data does Honest Tax need from me to start the process?

A: Honest Tax will need your tax records, including any notices you’ve received from the IRS or state tax agencies, your financial information, and other relevant documents.

Q: Does Honest Tax guarantee a specific outcome?

A: No, Honest Tax cannot guarantee a specific outcome as each tax issue is unique and the final decision rests with the IRS or state tax agency. However, they will work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients.

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