Is Anthem Tax Services a Scam? Read This Before Applying

Is Anthem Tax Services a Scam

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Anthem Tax Services, a company that prides itself on offering tax resolution options to individuals and businesses across the U.S, has been making headlines recently. However, not all of these headlines are positive. The purpose of this blog post is to delve deeper into the allegations that Anthem Tax Services is a scam and provide readers with an unbiased perspective. In a world where financial scams are unfortunately common, it’s crucial to verify the legitimacy of any tax service you consider using.


Is Anthem Tax Services a Scam? Read This Before Applying 1

Understanding Anthem Tax Services

Established in 2010, Anthem Tax Services is based in Los Angeles, California. The company’s founders, Joshua H. and Greg A., boast years of experience in tax preparation, tax law, and negotiation, which they’ve leveraged to build the brand.

Anthem Tax Services offers a range of services, including tax preparation, tax resolution, tax consultation, and state and federal tax debt resolution. Their business model is built on helping clients navigate complex tax issues, from unpaid taxes to audit defense and penalty abatements.

The Controversy Surrounding Anthem Tax Services

Despite its professional image, Anthem Tax Services has been the subject of numerous complaints and negative reviews. Customers have accused the company of not delivering on their promises, causing them financial harm, and providing poor customer service.

Some of these customers claim that Anthem Tax Services took their money but failed to resolve their tax issues, while others allege that the company did not keep them informed about the progress of their case. In response to these allegations, Anthem Tax Services maintains that it provides high-quality tax resolution services and asserts that any negative experiences are isolated incidents.

Analysis of Allegations

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The multitude of claims against Anthem Tax Services, while alarming, doesn’t necessarily prove the company is a scam. Many businesses face customer complaints, especially in complex industries like tax resolution.

Comparisons with other tax companies show similar patterns of complaints, albeit at varying degrees. However, the response from Anthem Tax Services to these complaints is where the company falls short. Many customers claim that their issues were not addressed adequately, while others report little to no communication from the company.

Regulatory Scrutiny

To date, there’s no public record of legal action taken against Anthem Tax Services. However, the company’s standing with regulatory bodies like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) is less than stellar.

While Anthem Tax Services appears to comply with tax laws and industry standards, its customer service and issue resolution practices have been called into question. This raises concerns about the company’s commitment to client satisfaction and transparency.

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Expert Opinions

Tax experts and consumer protection agencies have mixed views on Anthem Tax Services. Some acknowledge the company’s expertise in tax law and resolution but caution potential clients about their customer service issues.

Interviews with former clients and employees further underscore these concerns. While some praise the company’s tax resolution services, others express frustration with poor communication, hidden fees, and unmet expectations.

Steps to Determine if a Tax Service is Legitimate

Before choosing a tax service, research is key. Look at customer reviews and complaints on platforms like BBB and check the company’s standing with regulatory bodies.

It’s also important to understand their fee structure and service guarantees. Be wary of companies that ask for full payment upfront or make promises that seem too good to be true.

Conclusion: Is Anthem Tax Services a Scam?

After reviewing the information presented, it’s clear that Anthem Tax Services has some issues to address, particularly regarding customer service and communication. However, labeling the company as a scam may be too extreme.

While there are negative reviews and complaints, there are also clients who have had positive experiences with the company. If you’re considering using Anthem Tax Services, proceed with caution. Ask for clear communication, a transparent fee structure, and do your due diligence before signing any contract.


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Q: What is Anthem Tax Services?

A: Anthem Tax Services is a tax resolution company that helps individuals and businesses manage and resolve their tax issues. They offer various services including tax preparation, audit protection, and tax debt resolution.

Q: Are there any concerns about Anthem Tax Services being a scam?

A: There have been concerns raised by some individuals about the legitimacy of Anthem Tax Services. However, the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A rating, which is a positive indicator of its legitimacy.

Q: What kind of complaints have been filed against Anthem Tax Services?

A: Some customers have complained about high fees, lack of communication, and not receiving the promised services. However, it’s important to note that the company has responded to these complaints and attempted to resolve the issues.

Q: How does Anthem Tax Services address these complaints?

A: Anthem Tax Services typically responds to complaints by communicating directly with the customer to address their concerns and find a resolution. They also offer a money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with their services.

Q: What do customer reviews say about Anthem Tax Services?

A: Reviews on Anthem Tax Services are mixed. Some customers praise the company for their professionalism and effectiveness, while others express dissatisfaction with the service and results.

Q: Is Anthem Tax Services accredited?

A: Yes, Anthem Tax Services is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A rating. They are also a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA).

Q: Does Anthem Tax Services offer a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, Anthem Tax Services offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if clients are not satisfied with their services.

Q: What services does Anthem Tax Services offer?

A: Anthem Tax Services offers tax preparation, tax resolution, audit protection, and tax planning services.

Q: How much does Anthem Tax Services cost?

A: The cost of services from Anthem Tax Services varies based on the complexity of the case and the type of service required. They offer a free consultation to provide an estimate of potential costs.

Q: How can I contact Anthem Tax Services?

A: You can contact Anthem Tax Services through their website, by email, or by phone. Their contact information is readily available on their official website.


Anthem Tax Services: A tax resolution service company that assists clients with tax-related issues, offering a variety of services including audit defense, tax preparation, and tax resolution.

Scam: A dishonest scheme or fraud designed to deceive people, usually for monetary gain.

Audit Defense: A service offered by tax professionals to represent a taxpayer during an IRS or state income tax audit.

Tax Resolution: The process of finding a way to mitigate the amount of tax owed to the IRS or state tax authority.

Tax Preparation: The process of preparing tax returns, often income tax returns, often for a person other than the taxpayer.

Tax Debt: The unpaid amount of tax owed by an individual, corporation, or other entity to a taxing authority.

Tax Relief: Any program or incentive that reduces the amount of tax owed by an individual or business.

IRS (Internal Revenue Service): The U.S. government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement.

Tax Consultant: A professional who is knowledgeable about tax law and can provide advice on tax-related matters.

Offer in Compromise: An agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles the taxpayer’s tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed.

Tax Lien: A legal claim by the government on a taxpayer’s property due to an unpaid tax debt.

Levy: A legal seizure of property to satisfy a debt, in this case, a tax debt.

Penalty Abatement: The reduction or removal of penalties charged by the IRS for failing to file a tax return or to pay taxes.

Tax Fraud: An illegal practice where a person or company intentionally falsifies information on a tax return to limit the amount of tax liability.

Fresh Start Program: An IRS initiative to help struggling taxpayers with their tax debts.

Installment Agreement: A payment plan set up by the IRS for individuals who owe money on unpaid taxes but cannot pay the full amount at once.

Tax Evasion: The illegal act of deliberately not paying your full tax liabilities.

Innocent Spouse Relief: A provision that allows one spouse to be relieved of responsibility for unpaid tax or penalties if they can prove that the debt is due to the actions of their partner.

Wage Garnishment: A legal procedure in which a person’s earnings are required by court order to be withheld by an employer for the payment of a debt such as back taxes.

Tax Compliance: The act of meeting all tax obligations in a timely and accurate manner, following the tax laws of a jurisdiction.

Tax Relief Companies: Tax Relief Companies are businesses that offer services to help individuals or corporations reduce or eliminate their tax debts. A tax relief company provides professional assistance in negotiating with tax authorities, settling tax debts, and setting up payment plans. These companies aim to find the most effective and legal strategies to minimize their clients’ tax liabilities.

Tax Relief Services: Tax Relief Services are specialized services offered by professionals to help individuals or businesses reduce their tax debts, negotiate with tax authorities, and manage tax disputes. These services often provide solutions like tax settlements, penalty abatements, and installment agreements.

California Tax Education Council: The California Tax Education Council (CTEC) is a state organization in California responsible for registering and regulating non-exempt tax preparers. The council provides educational resources and ensures tax preparers adhere to professional standards.

1 thoughts on “Is Anthem Tax Services a Scam? Read This Before Applying

  1. Dave says:

    I engaged ATS in 2019 to negotiate a payment plan on my behalf. They also told me they would file my 2020, 2021 and 2022 tax returns for me. After four years and $5,000 and multiple requests to see any sort of verifiable evidence that they’ve done something, anything on my behalf, I not only find out my returns have not been filed — although I was ensured many times that they have — but the IRS has flagged my 2021 return for identity fraud. ATS tells me that now I have to call the IRS and sort it out myself.

    They also told me that the reason those returns haven’t been filed — although I was told many times that they have — was my fault. They’ve spent four years stringing me along, bouncing me from one person to the next, avoiding my attempts to communicate with them, trying to convince me they were working diligently on my behalf when I have no reason to believe they’ve done anything at all.

    So I fired them this month which immediately triggered an email from someone named Craig who said that he was requesting a currently not collectable (CNC) status for me and so for all intents and purposes my case had been resolved! It’s so absurd it’s comical.

    A CNC status means the IRS considers you still owe them money but they won’t engage in collection efforts but the interest, fees, fines etc. continue to accumulate which IS NOT what I hired them for. I see from the other reviews here that they have done that many times for customers which requires nothing more than a request and a tax form be sent to the IRS. Something anyone could do themselves for the cost of a postage stamp.

    ATS is either incompetent or an outright fraud. I too will report them to all the appropriate agencies. Any reply they provide to my review will just be a continuation of their unethical business practices. Don’t fall for it.

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