Rush Tax Resolution Review: Is It A Scam?

Rush Tax Resolution

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Rush Tax Resolution positions itself as the ultimate authority for tackling your tax-related issues. They boast a team of tax savants with extensive knowledge in all areas of tax relief, from liens to offers in compromise, allowing you to navigate any tax situation, regardless of your familiarity with tax laws and IRS procedures. Their squad is composed of top-notch enrolled agents, CPAs, and experienced industry attorneys.


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Rush Tax Resolution Services

Offer in Compromise

Having difficulty meeting your tax obligations? An offer in compromise could be the solution you need! This unique arrangement allows taxpayers to settle their tax liabilities for less than the full amount owed, offering a lifeline to those struggling financially.

Wage Garnishment

Tired of spiraling deeper into IRS debt? Rush’s team specializes in negotiating wage garnishment with the IRS, aiming to alleviate or completely eliminate the burden of withheld wages.

Unfiled Tax Returns

Neglecting to file your taxes can lead to severe penalties from the IRS. If you’ve been avoiding filing your income taxes, it may be time to rectify this mistake and prepare your unfiled returns to avoid costly repercussions.

Payment Plans

Finding it hard to keep up with your IRS payments? What you need is a customized payment or IRS Installment Agreement to help you manage your tax bills affordably.

State Tax Problems

State tax issues can sometimes be more stressful than federal ones due to aggressive collection strategies. Seeking tax relief is the first step to resolving these issues effectively.

Payroll Tax Problems

As an employer, managing payroll taxes can be challenging. However, failure to pay Social Security, Medicare, and income tax withholdings could lead to serious consequences with the IRS. Timely filing and payment are crucial to avoid any complications.

Tax Lien

Put an end to the stress of unpaid taxes and tax issues. A team of expert tax lawyers can provide guidance to remove or mitigate your property’s tax lien.

Bank Levy

If you owe taxes, the government may resort to a bank levy or a lien to recover the debt. A levy is essentially the government’s legal repossession of your assets to settle any unpaid amounts.

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Penalty Abatement

Tax issues can quickly become overwhelming, with interest and penalties piling up. Assistance in filing your paperwork accurately can prevent additional fees from accruing on top of what you already owe.

IRS Audit Notification

Receiving an IRS audit letter can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, tax relief professionals can help you understand it and meet the associated deadlines to keep the process as stress-free as possible.

IRS Seizures

Failure to pay taxes can result in severe consequences, including asset seizure and federal tax liens on your property. If you’re affected by this issue, seeking help from a tax relief professional is advisable.

Innocent Spouse

Filing a joint tax return has its benefits for married taxpayers. However, following a divorce, each party remains liable for taxes and any related penalties or interest, even post-separation.

Statute of Limitations

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Understanding the IRS Statute of Limitations can be complex, but tax professionals can help simplify the process and devise an effective strategy for your specific situation.

Tax Planning and Preparation

The tax season can be intimidating. Tax experts can make it less stressful, ensuring a smooth process leading up to April 15th.

Currently Not Collectible

Experiencing financial hardship? The IRS and some states have a program designed to provide tax relief to those facing significant economic difficulties. A tax relief service can evaluate if this program suits your circumstances.

Sales and Use Tax

Navigating the Sales Tax Law has become increasingly intricate, making compliance challenging. Acquiring the right representation can be priceless, as tax audit services offer comprehensive assistance – from initial consultations to ensuring you meet all necessary criteria during audits.

Rush Tax Resolution Free Tax Resources

IRS Transcript: Rush Tax Resolution offers complimentary IRS transcripts, a service they claim others might charge up to $1,500. Within just one business day, you can have clarity about the information stored in your governmental records.

Pre-qualification for Offer in Compromise: According to Rush Tax Resolution, they have successfully negotiated offers in compromise, saving their customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. They have facilitated fresh starts for their clients through their effective negotiation tactics.

Covid-19: Small Business Payroll 941 Rush Tax Resolution advises reaching out to them before dealing with the IRS independently. The Covid-19 pandemic has put immense pressure on business owners and self-employed individuals, particularly concerning tax liabilities. Operating a business during the pandemic is already challenging, and the added worry about tax obligations can be overwhelming. Many business owners and independents have found themselves burdened with payroll, corporate, or sales tax debts due to Covid-19. tax relief services

No-cost IRS Report: Rush Tax Resolution provides a complimentary report titled “7 Secrets the IRS Doesn’t Want You To Know!” This report divulges top auditing strategies and methods to legally minimize any tax debt you may owe. These valuable insights can provide taxpayers with a significant advantage when dealing with the largest government agency in the US. This offering is unique to Rush Tax Resolution.

Media Endorsements for Rush Tax Resolution: The Rush Tax Solutions website proudly displays endorsements from various personalities including Larry Elder, Dan Bongino, Jennifer York (KNX 1070 Traffic Anchor), Mike Simpson (KNX 1070 News Anchor), Heidi Hamilton (The Heidi, Frosty & Frank Show’ 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles), and Randy Kerdoon (KNX 1070 Sports Anchor).

Rush Tax Resolution Reviews on BBB

Rush Tax Resolutions has generally positive reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They’ve been accredited by BBB since 2015 and have been operating for 8 years. A selection of varying reviews, both positive and negative, is displayed below to offer a glimpse into customer experiences.

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The BBB identifies the company’s managers as:

Ms. Savanah Solomon, Client Engagement Director Mr. BJ Pourteymour, COO Mr. Zane Schulte, President/CEO Mr. Ian Clark, Director of Client Services.

Affiliations of Rush Tax Resolution

Rush Tax Resolution has affiliations with several organizations including Heartland Tax Group, Amend Treatment Center, the Zane Schulte Award, Schulte Investment Group, and the National Cutting Horse Association. They also offer an annual general education scholarship via

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