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StopIRSDebt Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? Find Out Here!


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Providing tax assistance to individuals and businesses in all 50 states (as well as Washington, DC), StopIRSDebt is a tax relief company. In 2001, the business was established.


Via StopIRSDebt.com, thousands of Americans have received relief from their tax debt (appealing tax liens, tax levies, wage garnishment, etc.). At StopIRSDebt.com, taxpayers can expect relief from the IRS and state tax officials.

StopIRSDebt can help you if the IRS comes after your salary or savings accounts, in addition to providing a wide range of tax debt services.

The average cost of a tax relief service is between $1,500 and $2,500. Call for a precise price as each client’s IRS issues may be different. To assist people in resolving their IRS problems, StopIRSDebt.com was established in 2001.

StopIRSDebt Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam? 1

StopIRSDebt: Summary

  • Your case might be handled by a CPA, an attorney, or an enrolled agent. For difficult situations, they have a staff of tax lawyers and CPAs on hand, and for simpler ones, they have enrolled agents.
  • Minimum tax debt of $20,000. Only taxpayers who owe at least $20,000 in back taxes can use Stop IRS Debt.
  • The typical cost is $3,000. The cost of the services provided by StopIRSDebt.com will vary depending on how difficult each case is.
  • If you are dissatisfied with their services, their staff may offer a refund or cancel your account (terms and conditions apply).
  • No retainer charge. A retainer is not necessary to begin working on your case.
  • State tax relief. Also, it offers tax debt relief services for state tax debt.


StopIRSDebt Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? Find Out Here! 1

  • There are no fees for retainer.
  • Pays on a schedule that work for you.
  • Enrolled agent, CPA, and tax attorney employed by the business.


  • Requirements for tax debt are higher than typical.
  • A limited money-back guarantee is offered.

StopIRSDebt FAQs

What Is The Cost Of StopIRSDebt Services?

The particulars of your case will determine how much you’ll have to spend in attorney fees to settle your IRS obligation. According to StopIRSDebt, clients can anticipate paying about $3,000 on average.

What Payment Options Does StopIRSDebt Offer?

You do not need to pay them in full up front because of their flexible payments.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

Your satisfaction is important to StopIRSDebt. If you are dissatisfied with their services, they provide a money-back guarantee. Visit their website for additional details on the refund policy’s terms and restrictions.

Are There Any Retainer Charges?

If you utilize StopIRSDebt to pay off your IRS debt, there is no retainer charge required. By using StopIRSDebt as soon as possible, you can start saving money right away.

How Much Do They Consider As A Minimum Tax Debt?

StopIRSDebt Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? Find Out Here! 2

The IRS demands full payment of all debts; however, there are choices available for taxpayers who are having financial difficulties. Only customers with at least $20,000 in tax debt will be taken into account by StopIRSDebt.

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Which Types Of Customers Does StopIRSDebt Accept?

Nobody likes dealing with taxes, whether they are for personal or business reasons. A business that specialized in assisting customers in obtaining the necessary tax relief is called StopIRSDebt.

Is StopIRSDebt Able To Handle Currently Not Collectible Cases?

The IRS concluded that you don’t have enough assets or income to be able to pay off your tax debt. This state is referred to as “current not collectible” or “CNC”. Those having CNC status are assisted by StopIRSDebt in negotiating with the IRS. They assert that they will take up the CNC case regardless of when it expires.

How Does This Company Handle Installment Agreement Cases?

Even when there is little risk of default on your part, they will work with you to develop a manageable installment agreement. They understand that IRS debt can be overwhelming and are here to help.

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