Tax Defense Group Review: Is It A Legitimate Company?

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Tax Defense Group is a tax relief company that offers services to individuals and businesses with tax problems. Their team of experts provides assistance with tax debt relief, IRS audits, and other tax-related issues.


Their website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, providing clear information on their services and pricing. They offer a free consultation to potential clients, which is a helpful way to evaluate if they are the right fit for your needs.

While some customers have reported positive experiences with Tax Defense Group, others have expressed dissatisfaction with their services or fees. It’s essential to do your research and compare different options before choosing a tax relief company.

Overall, Tax Defense Group may be worth considering for those in need of professional help with their taxes. However, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate all aspects of their services before making a decision.

Tax Defense Group: What Is It?

Tax Defense Group Review: Is It A Legitimate Company? 1

An experienced team of tax lawyers and tax professionals, Tax Defense Group assists individuals and businesses with a wide range of tax questions. Their services include IRS representation, tax debt relief, audit assistance, and other tax-related services. In addition to filing tax returns, dealing with the IRS, and reducing your tax liability, their team of experts can handle any tax issue. If you have any tax issues, the Tax Defense Group can assist you in identifying and resolving them before they become a problem.

Tax Defense Group offers what services?

The Tax Defense Group is a leading firm that provides various tax resolution services to taxpayers in need. Tax debt, wage garnishment, liens, and levies are dealt with professionally and personally by the company’s certified tax professionals. To help taxpayers manage their tax debt and get back on track financially, Tax Defense Group offers a range of services.

A variety of tax preparation, tax resolution, debt settlement, and IRS and state audit representation are offered by the firm. A tax preparation service assists taxpayers who have fallen behind on their tax returns by preparing and filing them for them. Using a tax resolution service, taxpayers can negotiate with the IRS and come to an agreement on their tax debt. Debt settlement services allow taxpayers to negotiate with the IRS about how to pay the debt.

As part of our audit representation service, Tax Defense Group gives taxpayers professional guidance and representation during IRS and state audits. The tax professionals at Tax Defense Group will offer tax advice and representation to taxpayers throughout the audit process. Additionally, Tax Defense Group offers services to taxpayers facing wage garnishment, liens, or levies. With these services, taxpayers can work out a payment plan and agree on a payment plan with the IRS or state government. Whether you are struggling with tax debt or facing wage garnishment, liens, or levies, Tax Defense Group can provide professional assistance. To help you get back on track financially, the company’s tax experts will provide personalized and comprehensive assistance.

Pros and Cons

Tax Defense Group Review: Is It A Legitimate Company? 2


  • The Tax Defense Group provides tax preparation services
  • Tax professionals with in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations
  • Individuals and businesses can take advantage of a variety of services and programs
  • Tax savings and penalties can be maximized with it
  • Provides more than basic tax preparation and filing services


  • The use of Tax Defense Group for tax problems can be risky
  • There is no relationship between the company and the IRS, and it may be unable to handle complex cases due to its lack of expertise
  • Overwhelmed clients report feeling overwhelmed by sales tactics
  • There is a possibility that services will be expensive and that the results may not be satisfactory.
  • Research is essential before making a decision and weighing the pros and cons carefully

BBB Rating

Customers and the Better Business Bureau highly rate Tax Defense Group. As a result of its helpful and knowledgeable staff, efficient service, and prompt responses, customers consistently praise the company for its A+ rating from the BBB. It is our mission at Tax Defense Group to provide exceptional customer service and to assist clients in navigating complex and ever-changing tax laws.

The Better Business Bureau rating and reviews for Tax Defense Group reflect the company’s commitment to excellence and professionalism. A majority of reviews highlight the company’s expertise, professionalism, and customer-centricity.

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Tax Defense Group Review: Is It A Legitimate Company? 3

What is the role resolving tax issues?

With comprehensive tax relief services, Tax Defense Group can assist clients in resolving any tax issue. They specialize in resolving tax problems for clients. In addition to helping taxpayers understand the complex tax code, Tax Defense Group’s tax attorneys and enrolled agents can identify potential tax savings opportunities, and help them navigate the IRS and state tax agencies. In addition to representing clients facing audits, tax liens, and other tax-related issues, Tax Defense Group can assist with payment arrangements, lien removals, and other forms of tax debt relief.

They offer free consultations and will work with each individual or business to create a customized tax plan tailored to suit their needs and needs of their clients. Tax Defense Group is committed to providing the highest quality of tax services and will do whatever it takes to protect the rights of its clients.

How much does Tax Defense charge?

Each case has a different cost associated with Tax Defense Group’s services. They offer a variety of services, including tax return preparation and filing, audit representation, and debt relief. In addition, they provide a free consultation so that you can discuss any questions or concerns you may have and determine which service is best suited to you. Ultimately, the cost will depend on how complex the case is and the number of services you need.

When working with Tax Defense Group, what is the process?

The process of working with Tax Defense Group is straightforward and stress-free. After scheduling your free consultation with a tax professional, you will get a detailed analysis of your current situation. After reviewing your case, your tax professional will negotiate a resolution with the IRS on your behalf. You can rest assured that Tax Defense Group will handle your tax issues quickly and efficiently throughout this process, providing timely updates and offering guidance and support.

Is Tax Defense Group staffed with tax professionals?

Certainly, Tax Defense Group has a highly qualified and experienced team of tax professionals. Their goal is to provide clients with the highest quality of service. They are staffed by attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and other tax professionals who are well versed in the complexities of the U.S. tax code. With a comprehensive understanding of tax laws and regulations, they provide comprehensive and effective tax relief services to their clients.

Has Tax Defense dealt with the IRS before?

The team of Tax Defense Group’s experienced tax professionals has extensive experience dealing with the IRS. They are knowledgeable about all aspects of tax law and have extensive experience dealing with the IRS. In addition to handling audits, collections, and appeals, they have the expertise to handle any tax-related issue. Our tax professionals can help you solve any IRS issue you may face with our team of tax professionals. Whether you have a tax-related issue or need assistance getting your taxes in order, they are committed to helping you.

Is there a money-back guarantee offered by Tax Defense Group?

In order to provide its clients with customized, reliable tax solutions, Tax Defense Group offers a money-back guarantee. Upon dissatisfaction with their services, Tax Defense Group will refund your money. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction and stand by the quality of their services. With their tax solutions, they are confident you will be satisfied with the results.

Are wage garnishments or levies something that Tax Defense Group can assist with?

It is true that Tax Defense Group can assist with wage garnishments and levies. They provide a wide range of services to help taxpayers resolve their tax issues, including negotiating the release of wage garnishments and levies. In addition to working with the IRS and other taxing authorities on your behalf, their team of experienced tax professionals will help you develop a tailored tax plan. Each situation is unique, and they will tailor a solution that is tailored to meet your needs.

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