Tax Network USA Review: Is It Worth Your Trust?

Tax Network USA

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Tax Network USA is one of the many companies that promise to take care of your tax liabilities, but how reliable are they? In an industry marred by controversies and skepticism, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Amidst numerous cases of scams and dubious practices, some companies like Tax Network USA have been under increased scrutiny. This article is a critical review of these allegations lodged against Tax Network USA and provides an in-depth look into its operations.


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Founded to help American taxpayers resolve their disputes with the IRS, Tax Network USA operates in an industry where trust is key. Their promise to negotiate with the IRS on behalf of clients to reduce or eliminate tax debt is an attractive proposition for many. However, it is crucial to view these claims with a healthy dose of skepticism. Reviews from Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot reveal a mixed bag of experiences, causing many to question the company’s effectiveness.

However, it’s not just reviews and ratings that raise eyebrows. Allegations of deceptive marketing and misleading promises litter their profile on BBB. Underneath the promises of a stress-free resolution to your tax woes, there seems to be a different reality. Many customers report feeling misled, with some even going to the extent of labeling the company as a scam.

The tax relief industry, much like the wild west, has its fair share of heroes and villains. Will Tax Network USA prove itself a savior to those burdened by tax debt or will it join the ranks of those exploiting tax-payers’ desperation? As we embark on this investigative journey, let’s remember the words of Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street, “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.”

Company Background

Tax Network USA, under the spotlight today, is a tax relief company, aimed at helping American citizens navigate the complex web of taxes. The company was founded in 2013 and is currently headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Their mission, as boldly stated on their website, is to provide tax resolution services to individuals and businesses struggling with unmanageable IRS tax burdens.

Since its inception, Tax Network USA has claimed to assist thousands of customers reduce their tax debts, stop wage garnishments, and even remove tax liens. They boast of a team of tax professionals, including enrolled agents and tax attorneys, who are adept at dealing with all sorts of tax issues.

However, a peek beneath the surface paints a rather different picture. According to Better Business Bureau (BBB), the company has a dismal rating of 2.3 out of 5. Quite a few customers have lodged complaints against the company, primarily due to lack of transparency and questionable business practices. Similar sentiments can also be seen on Trustpilot, where the company holds a rating of less than 3.

There are real-life testimonies that invoke skepticism about the company’s operations. Case in point: Mark, a small business owner, claims that he paid the company more than $8,000 to resolve his tax issues. However, he reported that the company failed to deliver on their promises. “They took my money, and I am still stuck with the same tax problems. It feels like my money went down the drain,” he lamented.

In the world of pop culture, Tax Network USA can be likened to the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ Just as the protagonist in the film duped his investors with lofty promises but failed to deliver, many customers feel that Tax Network USA has played a similar trick on them.

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While Tax Network USA claims to have a wealth of experience and an A+ rating from the BBB, the reality seems to be a far cry from these claims. Several customers feel duped, cheated, and left in a lurch, making many wonder if the company is indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Tax Network USA claims to offer a comprehensive range of tax relief services. This includes resolving unpaid taxes, stopping wage garnishments, removing tax liens, and helping with audits. They also purport to offer a free initial consultation to evaluate their clients’ tax situation which ostensibly aids in creating a personalized plan to tackle their tax woes.

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However, a critical examination of these services reveals inconsistencies and ambiguities that could potentially mislead customers. For instance, there isn’t clear information on their website detailing how exactly they plan to stop wage garnishments or remove tax liens. The ‘free’ consultation, as some customers have pointed out, often leads to pressure tactics to sign up for their services.

Customers have also expressed concern over the company’s lack of transparency. In an industry where trust is paramount, the absence of a clear pricing structure raises eyebrows.

Reviews on BBB and Trustpilot echo these concerns. Customers have reported feeling misled by the company’s claims. They have also shared instances where the company failed to deliver on their promises, leaving clients with unhandled tax problems and lighter wallets.

Comparatively, other companies in the tax relief industry like Anthem Tax Services and Optima Tax Relief have been more transparent about their services and fees. They have also garnered relatively positive reviews from customers, further stirring up skepticism over Tax Network USA’s claims.

Risks and Controversies

One of the most glaring issues related to Tax Network USA revolves around a multitude of risks and controversies. A deeper dive into customer feedback and various reviews reveals a disheartening pattern of complaints, allegations of scams, and mounting dissatisfaction.

Firstly, an alarming number of customers have reported that the company has failed to deliver on its claims. Paying thousands of dollars in fees apparently hasn’t yielded the promised results for many clients. Some customers allege that after signing contracts and paying upfront, the company became unresponsive and failed to resolve their tax issues.

Furthermore, there have been complaints regarding the company’s lack of transparency about their fees. Many customers have been blindsided by hidden fees that were not disclosed during the initial consultation, leading to a sense of betrayal and frustration.

And yet, amidst these red flags, the company maintains a high rating on their own website, which seems suspicious at best. It raises questions about the credibility of their self-reported success.

To get a broader understanding of these concerns, let’s engage in a brief survey:

Have you been a victim of hidden charges by Tax Network USA?

Your responses will provide valuable insights into the risks and controversies surrounding the company. For anyone considering tax relief services, it’s imperative to do thorough research and tread with caution, especially when a company like Tax Network USA is on the radar.

Tax Network USA: Pros and Cons

Despite the prevalent skepticism around Tax Network USA, it is only fair that we take a balanced look at the company’s services. By analyzing customer feedback and industry analysis, we can paint a more comprehensive picture of the company’s offerings.


  1. Range of Services: The company offers a wide range of services, from resolving unpaid taxes, stopping wage garnishments, removing tax liens, and helping with audits. This could be beneficial to those facing multiple tax-related problems.
  2. Initial Consultation: They provide a free initial consultation to evaluate the client’s tax situation. This could potentially help clients gauge their tax issues and understand possible solutions.


  1. Lack of Transparency: Many customers have reported a lack of transparency in the company’s fee structure, which has resulted in unexpected and hidden charges.
  2. Poor Customer Service: Numerous complaints highlight poor customer service, including unresponsiveness and failure to fulfill promises after contracts are signed and fees are paid.

In comparison to other well-known companies such as Anthem Tax Services, Tax Relief Advocates, and Optima Tax Relief, Tax Network USA’s offerings appear less satisfactory. These companies have clearer fee structures, better customer service, and largely positive customer reviews, making them preferable options for many seeking tax relief services.

Tax Network USA’s services, when viewed against the backdrop of industry standards and competitor offerings, seem to fall short. The overwhelming number of customer complaints and negative reviews suggest that the company’s practices and offerings may not be as beneficial as they claim. In the complex and demanding realm of tax relief, it is crucial for companies to deliver results and maintain transparency and trust, areas where Tax Network USA appears to falter.


Our in-depth review of Tax Network USA has uncovered a myriad of concerns associated with the company. From a lack of transparency to poor customer service, and a high volume of customer complaints, it seems the company has a long road to traverse to regain trust and credibility in the tax relief industry.

While they offer a wide range of services and an initial free consultation, the seeming lack of follow-through and hidden fees leave a lot to be desired. The stark contrast between their self-reported high rating and the largely negative reviews on independent platforms such as BBB and Trustpilot is a red flag that potential clients should not ignore.

In comparison, other tax relief companies like Anthem Tax Services, Optima Tax Relief, and Tax Relief Advocates, seem to offer better services backed by positive customer feedback. The unfavorable comparison further casts a shadow on Tax Network USA’s credibility.

In the spirit of the film ‘The Usual Suspects,’ one can’t help but wonder if Tax Network USA is the elusive Keyser Söze of the tax relief world – a master of deception, spinning a web of half-truths while leaving its clients in a seemingly perpetual state of distress.

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Ultimately, if you’re grappling with tax issues and considering a tax relief service, it is crucial to do in-depth research. Our tax relief comparison chart can be a starting point. Be wary of companies that lack transparency, evade questions about their fees, and have a high volume of customer complaints.

Remember, in the world of tax relief, it’s not just about the promises a company makes, but about the promises they keep.


1. What exactly is Tax Network USA? Tax Network USA is an organization that offers personalized tax advice and services, financial planning, and assistance in dealing with IRS issues. They claim to provide services such as tax negotiations, IRS audits, tax preparation, and bookkeeping.

2. How reliable is Tax Network USA? The reliability of Tax Network USA varies widely depending on individual customer experiences and the specific services sought. Some users appreciate their comprehensive approach to handling tax issues, while others report less satisfactory results. As with any financial service, consumers should approach with caution and do their due diligence before committing.

3. What are the charges for using Tax Network USA’s services? Tax Network USA does not disclose its service charges publicly. The cost of its services likely varies depending on the complexity of the tax situation and the specific service required. Potential customers are encouraged to inquire directly about pricing and carefully consider the value for money provided.

4. Are the professionals at Tax Network USA certified? Tax Network USA states that its team includes Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents (EAs), and Tax Attorneys. However, consumers are encouraged to verify these credentials independently to ensure they are current and valid.

5. Is Tax Network USA a scam? While it doesn’t appear to be a blatant scam, the satisfaction and effectiveness of Tax Network USA’s services seem to vary significantly among customers. As such, it’s advisable to research and read reviews, and always maintain a cautious approach when dealing with any financial services company.

6. How effective is Tax Network USA in resolving IRS issues? Again, customer experiences appear to vary. Some customers report successful resolution of their IRS issues, while others have not been as satisfied with the services provided. It’s crucial to remember that every tax situation is unique, and results can’t be guaranteed.

7. Does Tax Network USA offer refunds if customers are not satisfied? Tax Network USA has not publicly disclosed a refund policy on their website. As with any financial service, consumers should inquire about such policies before engaging their services.

8. How transparent is Tax Network USA about its operations and services? Some customers have raised concerns about the lack of transparency in Tax Network USA’s operations and services, particularly regarding cost and the methods used to resolve tax issues. It’s recommended for potential customers to ask detailed questions and make sure they fully understand what they’re paying for.

9. Does Tax Network USA have any legal actions or complaints against them? Publicly available information about legal actions or complaints against Tax Network USA is limited. Potential customers should conduct thorough research, including checking for any complaints or actions registered with consumer protection agencies.

10. What are the alternatives to Tax Network USA? There are numerous alternatives to Tax Network USA for tax and financial services, including local CPAs, other national tax relief agencies, or even self-service tax software. The optimal choice depends on the complexity of the individual’s tax situation, their comfort level with handling their own taxes, and their budget for such services.

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