Tax Relief Advocates Review: Is It A Legit Company Or A Scam?

Tax Relief Advocates Review: Is It A Legit Company Or A Scam? 1

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Tax Relief Advocates, a tax relief business based in Brea, California, was founded in 2017 with the intention of providing tax relief. There are various services provided by the business, which include tax preparation, dealings with the IRS, and legal advice back taxes.


With 15 offices across eight states, they offer a variety of tax relief services to their clients. See what actual customers have to say about Tax Relief Advocates and read their reviews to learn more about this reputable tax relief company.

Tax Relief Advocates Review: Is It A Legit Company Or A Scam? 2

The Pros

  • They offer free consultations
  • They offer a wide variety of services
  • Several locations are available across the country
  • Their tax relief process consists of three steps
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Free Consultations

If you are a prospective client and are unsure about your tax issues, it is a good idea to call Tax Relief Advocates and schedule a free consultation so that you can learn more about your tax relief options.

They Offer A Variety Of Services

Tax Relief Advocates can assist with tax debt negotiation and penalty reduction, among other taxpayer relief options. Relief from wage garnishment, tax levies, and tax liens based on not collectible status, installment plans, offers in compromise, and relief for innocent spouses.

In addition to providing tax preparation services and tax relief consultations, Tax Relief Advocates can also assist you with IRS tax debt.

Several Locations Are Available Across The Country

Tax Relief Advocates has 15 locations with tax relief experts nationwide, while some tax relief companies only have one:

  • Arizona — Scottsdale, Tucson
  • California — Brea, Irvine, Orange
  • Kentucky — Louisville
  • Nevada — Las Vegas, Reno
  • New Mexico — Albuquerque
  • Pennsylvania — Chadsford, Pittsburgh
  • Texas — Austin, Garland
  • Washington — Tacoma, Vancouver

A 3-Step Process For Tax Relief


The first step in working with a TRA case manager is to attend a consultation. During this meeting, a tax expert from TRA will review your current financial situation and discuss your individual needs. This is an important step as it provides your case manager with the data needed to provide you with the best possible assistance.

A consultation with a tax specialist from TRA is the initial step in working with a TRA case manager. At this meeting, they will assess your financial position and talk about your particular requirements. This is an essential step as it gives your case manager the information necessary to give you the best possible help.

It is important to be as honest and open as possible during the consultation so that the tax expert can properly assess your financial life and situation and provide you with the best advice.

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It is essential to be straightforward and candid with your tax specialist during the meeting so that they can accurately evaluate your tax payments and your financial circumstances and give you the most suitable advice.

Decide what action to take

After you and TRA have agreed on a course of action for tax resolution, the second step is extensive research in tax liability order to best represent your case. During this stage, TRA will communicate with relevant tax authorities to inform them that a tax attorney is now representing you on tax issue.

This will be followed by TRA taking the necessary steps to work on your case. All the research and communication done during this step will ensure that your case is handled with the utmost attention to detail.


The third and final step in the TRA process is resolution. At this stage, TRA’s experienced tax professionals will provide you with guidance and advice as you move forward with getting your debt forgiven. They will represent you in negotiations with the IRS or any other such collection agency or state taxation authority and help you come to a satisfactory resolution for large tax debts only, including the possibility to reach an IRS debt forgiveness program and stop wage garnishments.

With their expert knowledge of tax audits and ability to negotiate on your behalf, you can be sure that the best possible outcome for tax debts will be achieved.

The Cons

  • Their pricing information is limited on their website
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Price Information Is Limited

In spite of the fact that the Tax Relief Advocates website provides information about its services and locations, neither the minimum debt requirement nor the cost of its services are disclosed. As a result, potential clients are compelled to consent to a free consultation to determine if Tax Relief Advocates are the right choice for them.

Is Tax Relief Advocates Legit?

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When clients need assistance with their tax issues, Tax Relief Advocates offers a wide range of services in eight states. If you reside outside one of the eight states where Tax Relief Advocates has offices, you should contact a local tax expert.

For Tax Relief Advocates to provide its services, the minimum amount of debt required or the cost of services must be publicly disclosed. The company does offer free consultations, so that customers can inquire about pricing before committing to the service.

If you have had any previous experience with and would like to share a short review and rating in the comments below, please feel free to do so. Any potential customer that is looking to get some insight on how the company works could highly benefit from it!

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