TaxReliefCenter.Org Review: Can You Trust This Company?


Disclosure: We receive advertising revenue from some partners. Learn More is a digital portal designed to link people grappling with tax-related complications to seasoned tax experts, legal practitioners, and former IRS representatives. The platform offers a range of services including debt consolidation, tax relief, and guidance through the intricate labyrinth of tax laws and IRS procedures.


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Key Services:

  1. Specialized Assistance: provides specialized aid for individuals who are in arrears with their taxes or owe money to the IRS. They offer guidance on handling tax liens and wage garnishments, support in dealing with bank levies, and assistance in requesting penalty abatement and negotiating Offers in Compromise.
  2. Complimentary Consultation: The platform extends a free initial consultation to assess individuals’ tax circumstances and propose tailored solutions. This helps individuals understand their tax predicament without any financial obligation.
  3. Exclusive Focus on Tax-Related Matters: The services of are solely concentrated on tax-related issues, ensuring a deep understanding and expertise in this area. However, their services are only accessible to residents within the United States.
  4. Confidentiality and Data Security: prioritizes the privacy of its users’ information and employs industry-standard encryption technology to secure data.


Despite these offerings, potential clients should be aware that the platform doesn’t disclose pricing details on their website. However, costs can be discussed during the complimentary consultation. It’s also important for potential clients to conduct thorough research and fully understand all terms and conditions before committing to their services.

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Overview of’s BBB Status and Reviews

Currently, doesn’t hold an accreditation status with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), nor does it have a BBB file. This could suggest that the company has not pursued accreditation from BBB or submitted information to create a BBB file.

Moreover, there’s a lack of customer reviews available online for, making it challenging to gauge their reputation or measure client satisfaction.

It’s crucial to understand, however, that the absence of BBB accreditation or customer feedback doesn’t automatically imply that is not trustworthy or reliable. There could be numerous reasons why a company may opt not to seek BBB accreditation or why customer reviews are unavailable.

To make an informed decision about using’s services, consider scheduling a no-cost consultation with a tax specialist or attorney through their platform. This would provide an opportunity to inquire about the company’s expertise, success rate, and levels of client satisfaction.

In conclusion, while the lack of BBB accreditation and customer reviews might raise some concerns about’s standing, it’s vital to accumulate as much information as possible and base your decision on personal research and discussions with tax professionals.

Is pricing information for services available on does not explicitly list specific pricing details for its services on its website. The expenses associated with the platform’s services can fluctuate, taking into account the intricacy of the tax issues at hand and the necessary services to tackle them.

Nonetheless, extends a complimentary consultation with a tax professional. This opportunity can aid individuals in comprehending their tax circumstances and exploring viable solutions. During this consultation, individuals are able to discuss their tax-related concerns with an expert and get an approximation of the costs of the services required to address their problems.

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Once an individual opts to utilize’s services, the platform pairs them with a tax firm that can provide a tailored estimate based on their distinct tax circumstances and the services needed to rectify them. This estimate will detail the fees and charges connected to the services, as well as any potential payment plans or financing options.

Conclusion: serves as a valuable resource for individuals dealing with tax-related issues, offering a range of specialized services, a free initial consultation, and a commitment to confidentiality and data security. However, potential clients should take note of the limitations, particularly regarding pricing transparency and the platform’s availability only within the United States.

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