Pacific Debt Relief vs Lendvia: Which One Is The Best For You?

Pacific Debt Relief vs Lendvia

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In this Pacific Debt Relief vs Lendvia Financial, we provide you with a detailed comparison to help you decide which company is right for you if you are looking for a personal loan or resolving your debts. Read on to learn about some of the similarities and some of the main differences between the two companies.


Pacific Debt Relief Review: There’s A Reason Why They Are Among The Best

Is there a lot of debt on your credit card? Paying your monthly bills is proving to be a challenge for you. Getting out of debt may be a consideration for you. Make sure that the debt consolidation company you choose is legitimate and will not scam you before you choose them. Let’s explore Pacific Debt Relief‘s history, services, and fees in this review so you can decide whether this is a good debt relief option for you.

One of the debt consolidation services offered by the debt settlement company is the consolidation of credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, and student loans. Their debt counselors will assist you in developing a debt consolidation plan that meets your financial needs. Once you enroll in their program, they will contact your creditors to negotiate a lower interest rate and monthly payment. If you are having difficulty making payments, you will be assisted in finding a solution.

The experience of Pacific Debt stands out from other debt consolidation companies in many ways. As one of the largest debt relief companies in the country with thousands of satisfied customers, Pacific Debt has over 20 years of experience in helping people reduce their debt.

Some features of Pacific Debt Relief make it an attractive option for those in debt. The first benefit is that there are no upfront costs or hidden fees. Also, their monthly fee includes access to their online portal, customer support, and debt counseling services for $39 and a setup fee of $49 for the first month.

Does Pacific Debt Relief offer fraudulent services? This company is not a scam. It is a legitimate debt consolidation company that has helped many people reduce unsecured debts over the years. If you are searching for debt relief, Pacific Debt Relief is a good choice.

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Pacific Debt Relief vs Lendvia: Which One Is The Best For You? 1


  • You do not have to pay upfront for a consultation
  • Up to 35% could be saved on fees
  • Easy online account tracking makes to stay on top of your finances


  • They rush you to decide by being pushy and hurried
  • For some consumers, fees can reduce savings by as much as 15%
  • You must live in a state where Pacific Debt operates to qualify for the company’s debt relief program.

Pacific Debt Relief: What Is It?

In debt relief, debts are reduced or eliminated. Negotiation, settlement, and bankruptcy are all methods of accomplishing this. Since 2002, the firm has helped over 30,000 clients settle and resolve over $1 billion in outstanding debt. This debt relief company has thousands of satisfied customers.

This debt settlement company is ideal for consumers struggling to make minimum payments and concerned about reducing their monthly payments.

It is possible for someone to need debt relief for a variety of reasons. Possibly your job has been lost and you are unable to pay your bills. A medical emergency may prevent you from working. Their services are available for any reason.

Depending on your needs and budget, they’ll come up with a solution that meets your needs. 85% of their cases are successful, so you know they’ll do all they can to help you.

How Does It Work?

Pacific Debt Relief offers debt consolidation loans to help people eliminate credit card debt. By negotiating with creditors, the company can reduce its customers’ monthly payments and interest rates. A significant component of the organization consists of providing financial education aimed at helping people manage their money more effectively and avoid becoming indebted in the future.

When you consolidate your credit card debt and unsecured loans into one low monthly payment, you can save on interest. In addition to helping thousands of people become debt-free, they have a high success rate.

Pacific Debt Relief Key Aspects

  • The American Fair Credit Council, the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators are among his affiliations.
  • Consultations are free over the phone or online
  • It costs 15% to 25% of the total debt enrolled. Fees are charged differently by each state.
  • You can reach them by phone or email
  • A wide range of unsecured debts will be accepted except consumer finance loans, payday loans, legal judgments, and medical debts not already in collections. Typically, debts of at least $10,000 are considered
  • A blog with useful information about debt management is offered as a free resource
  • Currently, Pacific Debt services are available only in 25 states
  • Direct debt settlement negotiation is offered as a service
  • The Better Business Bureau has given the company an A+ rating and Trustpilot has given it a 9.3 rating
  • It takes between 24 and 48 months for the project to be completed

What Kind Of Loans Does This Company Offer? helps you consolidate debt and invest in home equity so that you can achieve your debt goals. With their variety of loan options, you can customize a debt relief solution to fit your needs.

If you are looking for a debt settlement company, Pacific Debt Relief can assist you. A network of creditors negotiates lower interest rates and monthly payments on your behalf. Due to this, you will be able to save money each month, which will enable you to pay off debt faster.

See If You Qualify for Credit Card Relief

See how much you can save every month — plus get an estimate of time savings and total savings — with your very own personalized plan.


You may be able to get a home equity loan if you have equity in your house. You may be able to repay your debt and start over with the funds you receive from this type of loan. You can save on interest payments by taking out a home equity loan instead of a credit card or personal loan.

Pacific Debt Relief may be able to help you find a debt relief solution that will fit your financial situation, regardless of what financial situation you are in.

How To Qualify For It

Pacific Debt Relief vs Lendvia: Which One Is The Best For You? 2

For those who are struggling with debt, debt relief companies might be able to help. Can such a loan be obtained, however, and if so, what are the requirements? Here is information about how Pacific Debt Relief may be able to assist you.

Pacific Debt Relief offers debt consolidation loans to borrowers with a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $100,000 in debt. As well as a good credit score, you’ll need a steady income

With Pacific Debt Relief, you may qualify for a debt relief loan. With this debt relief company, you can get out of debt faster than you would with any other debt relief company.

Pacific Debt Relief Sign-Up Process

Debt settlement begins with a discussion with a certified debt specialist about your financial situation to determine whether you are a good candidate for debt settlement.

You can schedule a free consultation with Pacific Debt by following these steps:

  • Check out Pacific Debt Inc.’s website
  • You can get a free debt consultation by clicking Free Consultation
  • After selecting the amount of your debt, click See Savings
  • Your payments are behind for a selected amount of time
  • Choose your state of residence
  • When you have filled out all the relevant contact information, click Submit

How Much Does Pacific Debt Relief Cost?

Depending on the amount of debt you owe and the repayment plan you are considering. Typically, their fees are 15%-25% of the enrolled debt, so if you have $10,000 in debt, you can expect to pay us $1,500-$2,500 over the life of the loan.

The amount of your monthly payment is only an estimate – it will be determined by the terms of your debt consolidation loan. Using their services is free of charge. You may wish to consider Pacific Debt if you want debt settlement services without hidden fees.

How Much Can You Save With This Company?

Pacific Debt Relief might be a good choice for you if you want to save money on your debt. Typically, you can save 50%, which is a significant sum of money. You should keep in mind, however, that this is before fees are applied.

A range of 15% to 35% of savings can be realized when fees are included. As a result, Pacific Debt Relief may not be the best option for saving money. It’s possible to save some money by working with Pacific Debt Relief, but you’d have to trade the convenience of dealing with a reputable company for some savings.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score Required For A Pacific Debt Relief Loan?

To qualify for Pacific Debt Relief loans, you must have a credit score of at least 660. It is still possible to work with them if your score is lower than this. Their flexible repayment terms are in addition to their low-interest rates. Having a low credit score may lead to higher interest rates.

Pacific Debt Relief Program: How Long Does It Take To Begin Resolving Your Debt?

With Pacific Debt Relief, you can quickly restructure your debt. You will be able to pay your debt in full once you’ve enrolled in the program after you negotiate a debt consolidation loan with your creditors.

Their debt resolution process usually takes between 12 and 36 months. Your budget and payment plan will be created during this time according to your unique financial situation. You may be able to negotiate a lower interest rate or monthly payment amount if you are having difficulty making your credit card payments.

How Does It Affect Your Credit?

Credit scores can be negatively affected by debt relief. Your credit may be negatively affected indirectly by Pacific Debt Relief, but you may not be aware of this.

If you enroll in a debt relief program through Pacific Debt Relief, they will negotiate with your creditors to lower your monthly payments. This process is known as debt settlement.

Your creditors will receive regular payments from you instead of direct payments to them each month if they agree to their debt settlement offers. The debt collector will hold on to your payments until they have enough money to pay your debt.

Your debt will be reported as settled by the credit bureaus once it has been repaid. You will see a negative impact on your credit score. However, debt settlements still improve your credit score more than bankruptcy.

Pacific Debt Relief Website

The Pacific Debt Relief website is a great source of debt relief information. Here are some ways in which you can make the most of it.

Start by calculating your savings with the “Calculate Your Savings” tool. When you work with Pacific Debt Relief, you will be able to see how much money you can save.

The next section to review is “Success Stories.”. The Success Stories section offers real-life examples of how Pacific Debt Relief has helped clients.

The “Frequently Asked Questions” section should also be read. Here you’ll find all the information you need about the debt settlement industry, as well as how Pacific Debt Relief can help.

Following these simple steps will help you get debt relief.

Pacific Debt Relief Reviews

Considering Pacific Debt Relief for help with your debt might make you concerned about their BBB rating. Find out what Pacific Debt Relief’s BBB rating is, as well as their complaints history.

Three complaints have been closed by Better Business Bureau-accredited Pacific Debt Relief in the last three years, and one complaint has been closed in the last 12 months. Despite its imperfect record, Pacific Debt Relief generally responds to complaints filed against it.

If you’re considering reorganizing your finances with Pacific Debt Relief, you can look at their BBB rating. You can learn more about the company by reading its complaints history.

Here are some reviews:

Brian D 07/22/2022

****** was super nice and eager to help. He didn’t hesitate to explain how things work and put me at ease. He wasn’t a fast talker like someone trying to make a sale. ****** made sure I fully understood the program and what the end result would be.

Pacific Debt Relief: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Pacific Debt Relief vs Lendvia: Which One Is The Best For You? 3

Many people are asking themselves this question. Millions of dollars in consumer debt are settled each month by this company, but people wonder if it is legit.

With thousands of happy customers, Pacific Debt Relief is a legitimate debt relief company. Over 20 years of experience and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau make the company a great choice.

There is a serious drawback to their service in that they only cover half of the states nationwide. Additionally, the price may not be competitive. You may be able to save money if you shop around for companies that have lower interest rates or fees.

Many companies claim to be able to help you get out of debt, but not all of them are legitimate. The company Pacific Debt Relief helps people get out of debt and improve their financial situation. If you’re serious about getting out of debt, Pacific Debt Relief is a great option.

Lendvia Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Lendvia Financial is a company that provides loans to people with bad credit who need a loan. There is no scam associated with them, and they are a legitimate company. However, they do not have a report with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) nor do they have a report with the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC).

Pacific Debt Relief vs Lendvia: Which One Is The Best For You? 4


With Lendvia Financial, you can consolidate your debt and receive an installment loan from one of its lending partners. More information about their services can be found on their website,

They match borrowers with lenders based on their financial needs in Sherman Oaks, California, where they are based.

Key Aspects

A pre-selected mail offer is one of the methods used by this company to attract customers to their business. You may have received a letter in the mail telling you that they would like to assist you in consolidating your debts

Having been intrigued by the offer, we decided to investigate the matter further to learn more. We were able to find the following information:

  • Lending Partners offers interest rates ranging from 4.99% APR to 34.99% APR.
  • There is a range of $5,000 to $100,000 available for loans.
  • While the company can assist you in finding the right lender, approval cannot be assured.
  • One to five years will be the repayment term.
  • Your information is collected by the company through partners and third-party providers. A lender in their network receives your information when you apply for a loan.

Lendvia: What Is It?

The Lendvia platform matches consumers with lending partners that originate debt consolidation loans. In addition to helping borrowers choose between loan options, they can also refer them to Loan Coaches to help them get the best results. With their financial plan, you will be able to pay off your credit cards with a lower monthly payment.

According to its website, it has been operating since 2019. If you would like to contact the company, you can reach them by email or by phone at 888-699-3080.

Among lending companies, Lendvia advertises itself as a company that provides debt relief and savings assistance to its customers.

There is no BBB file or Trustpilot page for Lendvia where customers can read customer reviews.

How Does It Work?

Lendvia is a company that provides unsecured installment loans. This is how Lendvia works:

1. It Assists You With The Application Process

Their Loan Coaches are available for free, no-obligation consultations to assist you with the application process. All of your personal information, your debt level, your credit score, and whether you are behind on your payments must be provided.

Please note that by submitting your information, you consent and authorize Lendvia Financial and its affiliates to contact you by phone, text message, or email from any address you provide now or in the future. This category includes dialing systems, prerecorded voice messages, and automatic dialing devices.

2. Select A Lender

Once the application process has been completed, Lendvia will share the information you provided with its lending partners.

3. Verify Your Loan Terms

Ensure that you know your terms, verify your information, and carefully read the fine print before signing documents and beginning the loan process.

Lendvia Reviews

As of right now, Lendvia does not have a BBB rating or approval from the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC).

Google, Trustpilot, and Yelp do not have any reviews for Lendvia.

How Much Does It Charge?

It is not explicitly stated by Lendvia what the charges for their services will be, so it is impossible to determine what they are.

This loan is subject to an origination fee. A small percentage of the total loan amount will be deducted at the beginning from the loan amount. The fee covers all costs related to the creation, management, and servicing of your loan. The company does not charge any hidden fees, including application fees, prepayment penalties, or annual fees. Term and fee information will be provided to you before you accept any offer.

Interest Rates And Terms

There has been a simplification and a fixation on the terms and conditions of Lendvia. There is a range of repayment plans that meet your needs and budget ranging from 4.99% APR to 34.99% APR.

As part of the Lendvia service, customers can choose from a range of loan amounts, ranging from $5,000 to $100,000, and a range of loan terms, ranging from 1 to 5 years.

How Much Money You Can Save

If you have a lot of debt, consolidating it could save you money in interest payments and lower your monthly payment. Getting rid of a lot of debt could save you thousands of dollars. It is still possible to save money by consolidating even if you have less debt. There is also a possibility that you will pay less in finance charges.

Qualification And Approval Factors

The lending process should be as transparent as possible so that you know exactly what goes into it.

TALK TO A LOAN COACH There are no costs or obligations. To complete the application, you can work with your Loan Coach.

CHOOSE YOUR TERMS Choose the offer that meets your needs. With the help of your Loan Coach, you will understand your options.


The Credit Utilization Ratio

Your credit score is heavily influenced by your credit utilization ratio. Your credit limit is divided by your outstanding balances to calculate your ratio. You would have a 37.5% credit utilization ratio if you had two $1,000 credit cards and owed $500 on one and $250 on the other.

Credit reporting agencies consider your credit utilization ratio heavily when evaluating your financial history since it indicates how well you manage your finances. It indicates that you can manage your finances and keep your balance in check if you have a low credit utilization ratio. A high debt-to-income ratio, however, indicates difficulty paying your creditors.

Debt-To-Income Ratio (DTI)

To maintain financial stability, it is important to keep your DTI low. This ratio measures how much debt you owe each month compared to how much you earn each month. It may be difficult to meet other financial obligations if your DTI is high. To keep your debts under control and to leave room for other expenses in your budget, you need to stay on top of your debts.

Verifiable Income History

For approval, you must have a verifiable source of income. Ideally, you should have been continuously employed for one or two years before applying.

FICO Score

Lenders take your credit score into account when granting you a loan. The higher your FICO score, the better your chances of obtaining a favorable rate and term.

Other Requirements That May Be Necessary During The Application

There may be a few things you need to provide. The following are some of them:

  • Passports, driver’s licenses, or state-issued identification cards should be photocopied in color.
  • Proof of income must be provided by your two most recent pay stubs. Self-employed individuals must provide their most recent 1040 tax documents.
  • Statements from the past few months of your bank account.

Does It Affect Your Credit Score?

Credit checks are performed by Lendvia’s network lenders with TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax as well as other sources of consumer information.

Lendvia will not affect your credit score if you apply for a loan. If you choose a particular lender, a hard pull on your credit report may affect your FICO score.

How Does This Company Handle Your Personal Information?

Lendvia matches you with a lender based on your specific financial needs using its network of lenders. It is the customer’s responsibility to consent to lenders sharing their personal and contact information.

As a result, you may receive calls, emails, or text messages from different companies in their network. Any time you wish to opt out, you can do so.

What Happens With Your Credit Cards

To qualify for any of Lendvia Financial’s offers, you will have to close some of your credit cards. Debts can be paid off and closed as well as cards that may still require daily payments; it’s up to you.

Lendvia: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Pacific Debt Relief vs Lendvia

In conclusion, based on our research and analysis of’s online presence, we have concluded that it is a legitimate company. Due to the lack of reviews or accreditations attesting to the company’s business practices, it is difficult to get a complete picture of the company, making it difficult to draw any conclusions about it.

The best recommendation we can give you is to read customer reviews and do your research before buying anything. This approach will help you make the best choice for your particular situation if you follow it.

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