Reprise Financial Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam? Find Out Here!

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Reprise Financial is a company that offers complete financial assistance to its clients. Tax preparation, estate planning, retirement planning, investments, and insurance are just a few of the services it offers.


The business employs seasoned experts with a working knowledge of tax, investment, and financial planning. They also offer personalized service to each of their clients, ensuring that they receive the best guidance catered to their particular need. On, the business promotes its services.

Reprise Financial Review: Is it a Scam or Legit? 1

Pros & Cons


1. A wonderful tool for managing debt and keeping up with invoices is Reprise Financial.

2. Reprise Financial provides an easy solution to combine several loans and credit cards into one payment, as well as competitive interest rates.

3. You can save time and money by using Reprise Financial’s convenient online bill payment service.

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4. Resources for credit counseling and financial education are accessible through Reprise Financial.


1. Prior to approval, Reprise Financial could demand a credit check.

2. The minimal balance that must be kept in order to avoid costs according to Reprise Financial.

3. Reprise Financial could have a higher APR than conventional credit cards.

4. Reprise Financial might not offer customers the same degree of service that a conventional bank or credit union does.

Reprise Financial: What is It?

Reprise Financial Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam? Find Out Here! 1

Financial services provider Reprise Financial offers banking, investment management, and integrated financial planning services. The business provides cutting-edge options for people and families to manage their finances, including retirement, personal loans, investments, banking, and insurance as well as comprehensive financial planning.

Reprise Financial Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Reprise Financial a strong A- rating, and has garnered positive reviews from customers. The company has received an average of 6 customer reviews, 13 complaints, and a 2.33 out of 5 star rating during the last three years. This rating is a testament to the quality of Reprise Financial’s services and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Here are some Reprise Financial reviews:

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Gene D 01/25/2023

They tell you you qualify for a loan and say do nothing we’ll contact you within 24 hours (they don’t) you contact them and spend about 25 minutes on the phone they say they’ll contact you later that day and they don’t then you call them back and they agree to terms and have you sign docs and say they will fund you the next day ( they don’t) they call you back and say you don’t qualify say they are sorry and good by all together 5 day’s really poor customer service, but I’ll give them this every person I spoke with was very polite and courteous.

Waldon W 01/05/2023

I was looking for a loan to do some debt consolidation. I saw this company on Nerdwallet so I decided to give it a try. Well after I submitted all my personal information I got approved. Well, they asked for access to my bank account through Plaid. I submitted it with pictures of my automobile etc. and this loan was supposed to be an unsecured loan which means no collateral is needed. After all that the next day I spoke with a guy named Cody about the loan and he said I barely wasn’t approved because of the year of my automobile. I then told him that I thought it was a loan that didn’t need collateral. He stated since I put in an amount that was actually less than what they were offering me then I needed collateral.
Then he said that they could override that with their manager and get me approved after I send them a copy of my insurance card. I sent it an hour later. I spoke with Sonya the next time I called. She told me that they were waiting for the approval and I’ll get a call from her the next day around noon. Well, the next morning I got a call around 9 am and they needed a photo of my driver’s license. I sent it in immediately. I waited and called them around noon. I don’t know the person’s name I spoke with but she asked about providing more information about my wife’s income. I told her I don’t have it. And why are they asking for more information? She said that wasn’t approved unless I gave them her information. So I told her this was a scam and was the use of me sending all personal information thinking after being told I was approved at the beginning? She repeated you’re not approved without giving additional information on my wife’s income. I said ok and hung up. If anyone is reading this please don’t deal with this company. I saw a lot of other people have been treated the same way.

Michael S 01/02/2023

Was looking to get some working capital for my company and was willing to get an asset-secured loan through them. After submitting all my paperwork, financial statements, PII, and asset details, the terms of the loan suddenly changed. Add to that the dishonestly of the potential creditor’s interest rates, and we have a borderline illegal operation here. These jokers promised 19% flat interest rates, on a $20k 5-year loan. Doing the math on the 60 payment plan, the interest rate was roughly 120% interest rate, that’s right, I’d have paid almost $43k on a $20k loan. When asked about the numbers, the woman on the other end strictly would not answer numbers questions, while insisting the loan was still a flat 19% interest rate. I believe these people should be investigated for predatory practices. Thank God for basic math!


How Does Reprise Financial Personal Loan Work?

Reprise Financial offers customers fixed-rate loans with predetermined repayment terms. Both the loan amount and the interest rate are influenced by the customer’s credit standing and financial background. Once the loan has been approved, Reprise Financial will offer the client a loan agreement that details the loan’s conditions, interest rate, and principle sum. The client will then continue to make regular monthly payments until the debt is settled. Customers also have the option of refinancing their loans through Reprise Financial, which lowers the interest rate and lowers the total cost of the loan.

How To Qualify For Reprise Financial Personal Loan?

In order to qualify for a Reprise Financial personal loan, you must have a minimum credit score of 700, be a permanent U.S. resident, and be at least 18 years old. Additionally, you must have a regular source of income, such as employment or government benefits, and provide proof of income. Finally, you must provide a valid checking account for loan payment processing and verification. Once you’ve met these criteria, you can apply for a personal loan from Reprise Financial and receive a decision on your loan within minutes.

How Much Do They Charge?

Depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness and loan size, Reprise Financial’s personal loans have fixed interest rates that range from 5.99% to 25.99%. The loan amount may be between $500 and $35,000, with a one to five year repayment period. If the loan is paid off early, there is no penalty, and the origination fee typically ranges from 0.99% to 6.99% of the loan amount. Reprise Financial also offers loans for debt relief, home improvements, and automobiles.

Are There Any Pre-Payment Penalties?

The personal loans provided by Reprise Financial do not include prepayment penalties. When you pay off your loan at any time, there are no further fees due. This would be advantageous to customers who might wish to pay off their loan early or who want the freedom to pay more than the minimum amount due each month.

How Do They Affect Your Credit?

Your credit may be negatively impacted by Reprise Financial personal loans. Depending on how you use the loan, it could help or hurt your credit. If the loan is used to pay off other debts or to finance a large purchase, you can raise your credit utilization ratio and lower your total debt to raise your credit score. But if you miss payments or default on the loan, it can lower your credit score. Hence, before requesting a personal loan from Reprise Financial, be certain that you have the resources to make the required installments on time.

How to Cancel Reprise Financial Personal Loan?

Before applying for a Reprise Financial personal loan, make sure you are making the proper decision because they cannot be reversed. After the loan funds have been placed into your account, there is no turning back the clock or stopping the transaction. It is essential to thoroughly consider all of the loan’s features before making a selection in order to make sure the loan is suitable for you and your current financial situation.

Is it difficult for you to make ends meet? Here are some useful hints that could assist you in getting back on track.

With the rising cost of living and stagnant wages, it could be hard to get by. Whether you’re trying to make ends meet on a tight budget or are coping with an unanticipated financial emergency, there are ways to manage your finances. You can help yourself by heeding the following tips to get back on track.

The first step is to make a budget. Even on a tight budget, it’s critical to keep track of where your money is going. Making a budget and sticking to it will help you keep your spending under control and identify areas where you may save money.

Next, cash should always be used to make purchases. Using cash can help you stay on track with your expenditures since it prevents you from spending more than you have. Also, by keeping an eye on how quickly your money is being spent, you can adjust your budget as necessary.

Also, it’s imperative to save money wherever you can. Increasing your hours at your existing employment, using coupons when shopping, or changing your internet and phone service providers are all examples of how to do this. Moreover, look at free activities like hikes, picnics, and library visits.

Last but not least, maintaining an emergency reserve is essential. You’ll be able to survive in the event of unforeseen situations if you have an emergency fund. Save enough money to cover your expenses for at least three months, and each month set aside a small portion of your income to fund an emergency.

Making ends meet can be difficult, particularly when money is limited. Yet you can get back on track and stay there with the appropriate methods and a little bit of discipline. Spend the time necessary to create a budget and keep track of your spending, utilize cash whenever possible, make savings where you can, and accumulate an emergency fund. You can make ends meet and get back on track if you follow these advice.

Reprise Financial Personal Loans: Are They Legit?

Reprise Financial Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam? Find Out Here! 2

For more than a year, Reprise Financial has offered personal loans, debt consolidation, and other financial services. Regrettably, the majority of the reviews of their services on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are unfavorable, and they have only received a 2-star rating out of 5. As a result, it is strongly advised that before committing, you conduct your homework and weigh your options if you are thinking about utilizing this company for financial services.

When taking out a loan, it’s vital to think about a number of variables, including interest rates and repayment conditions, as these will have an impact on the loan’s cost and help you decide if it’s reasonable or not. The quality of the loans offered and the caliber of the customer care may both be learned from client evaluations, which can be useful when selecting a lender. Finding the best loan for your financial position requires doing research on various lenders and comparing their options.

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