Victory Tax Lawyers Review: Why It Is A Good Option

Victory Tax Lawyers

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Victory Tax Lawyers Review: Why It Is A Good Option 1

Key Aspects

  • Providing relief for clients with $25k+ in Back Taxes
  • Actual law company that has helped clients save over $12.5 million
  • Focuses on tax controversy, resolution & litigation
  • Employs tax attorneys with at least of 10 years experience
  • Offers a free consultation with a licensed attorney
  • The phone number is 866-488-9119

Victory Tax Lawyers: Overview

Anyone would become anxious if they received a letter or phone call from the IRS, especially if they were aware that they were overdue on their taxes. Owing money to the IRS can have serious consequences, including increased penalties and the prospect of jail time. It can also be frightening and overwhelming. You don’t have to deal with the IRS alone if you find yourself in this scenario and confused about how to pay your past taxes.


The Victory Tax Lawyers team is able to work with clients to find affordable solutions to their back taxes since they are highly specialized and have years of experience. Victory Tax Lawyers will engage in all possible forms of negotiation on your behalf until they can reach an understanding between you and the IRS. A professional tax lawyer will be at your side at every stage, guiding you toward the end objective of paying off and removing the entire amount owing. One of the top legal firms in the country, Victory Tax Lawyers is a reliable option for anyone who requires expert assistance dealing with the IRS. It offers a flat fee payment method and open communication throughout the process.


  • Provides a free consultation with a licensed attorney
  • Authentic legal office with a vast variety of relief alternatives
  • Only employs lawyers with a least 10 years of experience
  • In the majority of cases, it charges a flat fee.
  • Has assisted clients in saving over $12.5 million
  • With an A+ Rating from the BBB


  • A higher minimum standard may apply than in other firms.

Victory Tax Lawyers Information

Victory Tax Lawyers Review: Why It Is A Good Option 2

The Victory Tax Lawyers team is made up of highly qualified lawyers with lots of expertise helping customers get tax relief. They specialize in tax controversy, resolution, and litigation. Victory Tax Lawyers will provide you with the necessary care and attention so that you can take advantage of the best outcome possible, regardless of how simple or complicated the case is, or whether you’re an individual or corporate.

By choosing Victory Tax Lawyers, you may rest easy knowing that you have a competent IRS negotiator on your side. This means that you won’t receive any more upsetting phone calls or ominous letters; instead, your designated case manager will fight for your rights up until they can come up with a workable solution for you. Victory Tax Lawyers are dedicated to each and every customer and take pride in its transparent communication. They will be there whenever you need them to help you through this trying time or with inquiries.

Services Offered

Each attorney at Victory Tax Lawyers has a minimum of 10 years of experience practicing tax law, making them exceptionally educated about the different options the IRS offers for resolution. Given that they are replete with legalese and have several criteria that must be met, navigating these routes can be challenging for the average person.

If the IRS has taken any action against you, such as withholding your wages or putting a lien on your property, resolving your past taxes may become even more difficult. These types of measures can make it even harder for you to pay what you owe because they take money directly from you, which is why hiring a qualified tax attorney is crucial.

Your allocated attorney will tenaciously advocate on your behalf while researching all of your potential alternatives to determine which one best suits your circumstances. Victory Tax Lawyers will next take action to decrease or eliminate the amount owed, if that is a possibility, and to get the best result possible for your particular situation.

Victory Tax Lawyers attorneys primarily focus on the following areas of law:

  • Installment Agreements
  • Offers in Compromise
  • IRS Hardship
  • IRS Tax Liens
  • IRS Tax Levies
  • Tax Preparation
  • FBAR
  • Payroll Tax
  • IRS Notices
  • Audit Representation
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Back Taxes
  • IRS Payment Plans
  • CSED

How To Get Started

You probably want to ask some questions to determine if a professional team is a good fit for you before you agree to have them assess and handle your back taxes. No one hires a lawyer out of the blue, so it’s crucial that you feel at ease and confidence in the legal team you choose to represent you. For this reason, Victory Tax Lawyers provides a free initial consultation to all potential customers. This absolutely free consultation is the best approach to learn more about the business and determine whether you two are a good fit. You are under no obligation to use their services after the consultation, and you won’t be forced to.

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A lawyer will speak with you during the free consultation and enquire about your status in general, such as how much you owe and any recent measures the IRS has made against you. After that, they will lead you through each step of their process so you are fully informed before explaining everything to you in detail. Victory Tax Lawyers take great satisfaction in being open, truthful, and outstanding communicators. This starts with the consultation and continues throughout the remainder of your time working with them.

You should take advantage of the free consultation to clarify any concerns you have and make sure the attorney you are speaking with is the best fit for your case. The lawyer you initially speak to will probably be the one who eventually oversees your case going forward if you decide to continue using their services, so it’s crucial that you feel secure and at ease having them represent you.

Booking consultations is possible on their website, over the phone, or by email. The team is accessible from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and they are physically located in Los Angeles, California.

Qualification Requirements

Tax relief services aren’t for everyone, and the Victory Tax Lawyers team may determine that their services aren’t the best option for you based on the amount you owe and your unique circumstances. Despite their best efforts, they try to help everyone who approaches them, but their major priority is on offering answers, which may or may not directly include them.

A minimum amount owed of $25,000 is one of the greatest requirements set forward by Victory Tax Lawyers in order to sign up with them. This may seem like a lot, but since legal services for tax relief are not provided for free, the price is determined by how valuable it is for you to hire a lawyer.

Those who owe less than $25,000 might not find the expense is reasonable given their circumstances and would rather communicate with the IRS directly. If so, it will be something that is covered at your free initial consultation.

You must also be a resident of the USA in order to engage with Victory Tax Lawyers. This company, on the other hand, can lawfully represent clients in every state and may be able to assist with you to address both federal and state back taxes, unlike some other tax relief businesses that only serve a few states.

Both individuals and corporations are eligible, and the team does include specialists for both kinds of cases. The degree of complexity of a case is likewise limitless, and the Victory Tax Lawyers staff is always up for a challenge.

How Much Does Victory Tax Lawyers Cost?

Victory Tax Lawyers Review: Why It Is A Good Option 3

How much will this service actually cost is one of the most important queries regarding tax relief services. The idea of having to spend extra money can feel like a great barrier to someone who is already having financial difficulties, keeping them from reaching out and seeking help. But, you don’t have to let your concern about cost stop you because everything starts with a free consultation that has no commitments and no unexpected costs.

Because each client’s tax relief needs are different, it is impossible to estimate your final cost. An attorney will be able to learn about your case during the free consultation, learn how much you owe, and then estimate the cost of their services should you decide to retain them. Victory Tax Lawyers operate on a flat-fee basis, so you will know the cost up front and won’t have to worry about hourly charges or complex percentage formulae. This is one of the advantages of choosing them.

If you choose to hire Victory Tax Lawyers, you will also appreciate the fact that there is no retainer fee or up-front cost for their services. Payment won’t be necessary until after a resolution has been reached, and the team might be able to arrange a payment plan to prevent any further hardship for you.

Final Thoughts

Taxes are unpleasant enough even if you don’t owe any money, and dealing with the IRS is something that no one appreciates. Real-world penalties for unpaid taxes can be very serious and leave you feeling afraid and overburdened, from loss of income to potential jail sentences. It is for this reason that hiring a professional can be so helpful, as they have the experience and expertise required to discover a practical solution that is suitable for you.

The staff at Victory Tax Lawyers is here to help you and will battle tenaciously to obtain you the best result possible based on your situation. They are committed, trustworthy, and extremely competent. Reaching out carries no risk, and you are under no pressure to continue unless you want to. We are offering a free consultation to anyone who is interested. The Victory Tax Lawyers experts are available by phone, email, or through their website, and they are prepared to start working on your case right now.

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